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27 Images That Of Cats That Prove They Make Life So Much Fun

Living with humans is overrated.

Who needs humans when you have cats? A human will not entertain you 24/7 as a cat would. A cat will never betray you, so you will never have to worry about being disappointed by your cat, unlike humans. You are very lucky if a cat chooses to live with you, as they are very selective when it comes to trusting people. Cats can even tell if a person is good or evil, so if your cat dislikes someone, trust their instinct. Your cat knows better than you do. However, keeping a cat in the house is a huge responsibility, even with all the pros. You will have to take care of their health, food, and shelter. It is nothing less than taking care of a child. So only adopt a pet if you are ready to take on the responsibility fully.


When you live with a cat, you will get to see them go through several mood swings. You will get to see their crazy side, angry side, and derpy side too. If you don’t live with a cat, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Here are some images that prove life with cats is amazing:

1. Cat.exe has stopped working.

via: keepitswolsome

2. I think they found a little evidence.


via: 8erren

3. He is definitely plotting something.


via: ZarrenR

4. The audacity of that man!


via: OhEmGeeRachael

5. He knows it all.


via: Puzzlehead_band349

6. That’s what you get for trying to start beef with your owner.


via: Tiny_Link_7075

7. What are these pretzels doing in the cat jar?


via: btce217

8. Let the kitty have its moment.


via: fluffysandpiper

9. Put down that controller and give me attention!


via: JesseD320

10. Living with a cat and a dog is twice more fun!


via: offkick3

11. Cat defying gravity.

via: reddit

12. Independent catto.


via: Queen_Catlor

13. This is their TV now.

via: rusteenelikealways

Cats will first conquer your heart, and later take over your home too. They will claim it as their own and you will become the guest staying in their house. No matter how chaotic it seems, living with a cat is incredible as you will never feel alone. They have always got your back and you will forever have a listener. Even though sometimes they act like they don’t care, they love their owners deeply and crave their attention. This explains why they do some ridiculous things out of nowhere, it is mostly to catch the attention of someone. Life with a cat is a rollercoaster ride but it is definitely worth it. Scroll down below for more cattos:

14. Plotting murder.


via: poopoopee666

15. They are very rebellious.

via: buddyben13

16. This cat loves destroying everything.


via: averitable

17. This is what happens when you don’t invite the cat to the party.

via: Captain_Roderick

18. Read my eyes; You don’t need subtitles.


via: synaecide

19. I wish someone loved me like that.

via: katsrule64

20. You better run.


via: beromd

21. You can steal them once they are ready.

via: HealthyCharacter2868

22. Get that hand away from me!


via: cwzqzj

23. Just popping out to say hello.

via: isometric95

24. She is on top of the world!

via: minxie17

25. Best friends forever.

via: johnmanart

26. He has rightfully claimed the throne.

via: ThngsStffNdWhtNt

27. El Gato does what he wants.


via: Philosophiahinsomnia

Do you have a cat at home? What is life like with them? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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