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40 Times Cats Met Lizards And Hilarity Ensued

Cat and lizard don’t go in the same sentence.

I mean usually, cats hunt lizards. I am sure you have seen numerous pictures where cats are so mesmerized by a lizard on the ceiling that they will sit and stare for hours. And the staring is probably because they want to catch it and end it’s life as soon as possible. However, that is not what’s happening in the following pictures.

It seems some cats don’t know what to do with themselves when they catch a runaway lizard. And for others, they have even become good buddies. Although the funniest thing is seeing a lizard stuck onto a cat’s nose. I never knew lizards could do that and yet here we are. I won’t bore with my ramblings anymore so scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 ‘Go away!’

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My Colleague Made This Photo. Crouching Cat, Hidden Lizard.

#2 Anybody can be a friend.

Via charles_the_dragon

#3 Sometimes you need a good nap buddy.

Via Spider8ait

They have naps together, spy on the neighbors through the window together and just generally hang out together every chance they get. (All interactions are 100% supervised).

#4 Who is the prey here?

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#5 Saying hello to a stranger.

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Rare Moment Captured This Morning As Our Cat (Who Is Very Shy) Booped Our Bearded Dragon (Who Is Always Sleeping Under His Rock)

#6 Looking for some heat.

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#7 Looking over.

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It can be lethal for a lizard to be bitten or scratched by a cat. Lizards can be toxic to cats if the cat eats the lizard, but even if he touches or plays with the lizard.Many lizards carry parasites that can cause digestive problems in cats and harm the gallbladder or liver. -Rachel

#8 When you can’t find the lizard.

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#9 ‘I brought this for you hooman.’

Via YungRomeow

#10 Spending your birthday together.

Via boobearvern

#11 Hugs to keep you warm.

Via titankingz

My Friend’s Bearded Dragon Likes To Cuddle With Her Two Cats.

#12 This Iguana loves the cloud-like feeling.

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The Expression On My Cat’s Face Is Pure Ecstasy. Iggy Enjoys Lying On Him Because He’s Fat And Warm.

#13 ‘Give me head scratches.’

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#14 He did not expect an attack back.

Via amosfargus

#15 ‘What is on my back?’

Via OMGitszilla

#16 Let’s boop our noses.

Via ohheyitsnikki

My Bearded Dragon And My Roommate’s Kitten Are Buddies.

#17 When playing with a lizard goes wrong.

Via Thashiznit2003

#18 What do I do now?

Via Booty-Juice

#19 I’ll get you back.

Via mellow_c

My Cat Tried To Eat A Lizard So The Lizard Tried To Eat Him Back.

#20 ‘Where is it? Do you see it?’

Via Lancebeefpile

#21 The lizard knows he is in big trouble.

Via FZridindirty

#22 Only a glass in between.

Via sexyelderado

#23 The cats just wanna play with it.

Via emilyMartian

Today’s Top News From Isolation: A Lizard Is On The Fence.

#24 Even without a tail it’s very daring.

Via beautynewsbyadelasirghie

#25 It’s a win-win situation.

Via Googunk

Lizard Likes Warm Surfaces, Cat Likes His Back Scratched – Some Problems Solve Themselves.

#26 When you are looking for something to hunt.

Via Kavzilla

#27 When the tables are turned.

Via tsk8123

Lizard Gets Pushed To The Edge And Attacks My Cat.

#28 This is just adorable.

Via Coked-Up

#29 It’s outside, nobody can get to it.

Via GrannyPlantsALot

#30 Is it a look of love?

Via elayth

#31 How is the Iguana bigger than the cat?

Via NoelleZombie

#32 ‘Come down. I won’t hurt you.’

Via KnightsCore

Turned Around For One Minute While Walter Was Out Running Around And He Got Himself All The Way Up The Door. He Is Such A Character. Minky The Cat Was Jealous.

#33 The lizard is very disappointed.

Via Sherjones81

#34 I wonder how the cat will come down.

Via drinimartini

#35 There is fear in the eyes of the kitty.

Via AsteroidRushGame

#36 These are just cats chilling together.

Via somephotographs

Someone Asked Me To Post This Picture Of My Three Cats Here, I’m Not Sure Why.

#37 Riding the cat like a horse.

Via LeXmosse

#38 ‘Do you want me to pet you?’

Via MrsbearBP2

#39 Won’t let you go.

Via Lafayettecomedy

When You Catch Dinner, But Dinner Catches You Back. The Lizard Bit The Cats Lip For Over 5 Mins.

#40 Ready for a hostile attack.

Via Basile Morin

While it is true lizards and cats can’t be friends because of the toxins that are detrimental to both sides. But when has that stopped them? What are your thoughts on these unlikely meetings? Comment down below and let us know.


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