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30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Comfortably Sitting On Their Butts Like Humans

Have you ever heard of the famous saying “your cat isn’t a cat if it isn’t weird?”

If you happen to be a cat owner, you’d get the drill but if you are not, well, this is going to be really interesting! Our cute, adorable little kitty cats are known for their strangest behaviors, so it is fair to call them a “weirdo”. For example, when you tried to sleep in the middle of the night, did your cat ever start to glance at you randomly? Does your cat like to watch TV with you? Or does your cat sit comfortably in the weirdest positions you could ever witness? If you’ve witnessed any of these situations, then you don’t have to worry about a single thing because your cat is absolutely normal.


We capture hundreds and thousands of aesthetic pictures of our cats to post on our Instagram or Facebook but how many of you capture their weird moments? Today our agenda is about how our cats manage to sit in such weird positions yet being so comfortable at the same time. Luckily, there were several people on Twitter who witnessed this specific behavior and decided to capture those hilarious moments and share them with the world! We have compiled some of the best ones for you to see and enjoy!  So, let’s start scrolling and see how weird these little creatures can get!

1. “What did you call me?”

via clorinspats

2. How does your back not hurt? Seriously!

via girlfriendpasta

3. “Cause I’m sexy and I know it!”

via thatguyisaac_

4. “My Fiance had a necklace made for me of my cat’s signature pose”

via gobIinyoongi

5. “What? I’m just chilling like you do, in the tub!”

via marianaccabanas

6. Look at this adorable fellow!

via erin_zimmers

7. Okay… why is this cat being all seductive in the first picture?

via AlexAngyalosy

8. Someone’s angry!

via Kaleb_Rath

9. OMG the second picture is just way too hilarious!

via noodletootz

10. “Draw me like one of your french girls”

via alcazarmireya

11. “I’m tired of walking”

via tegansgiraffe

12. “Too fat to move”

via DrNess_

13. Chillin’ in the sun!

via celinestagram

14. This one is a skater boy

via woahtxler

15. Preparing for a wrestling match

via SupaHottFiya

Hey, people with no cats, do you see what we were trying to tell you now? Cats are indeed one of the weirdest creatures to exist on our planet but that still doesn’t stop them from being one of the cutest too, you know. So, if you are planning to get a cat, you are going to have one of the best times of your life with these little weirdos! Keep scrolling because we have more in the store for you.

16. “What? My leg got tired, hooman!”

via thespeednut2

17. “Really, hooman? You are taking weird pictures of me again?”

via balqbia

18. “I’ve been waiting for so long!”

via teenycabbage

19. “Waddup, homie? You got a smoke for me?”

via maengo69

20. Those ears and that outfit is on point!

via jbatchhh

21. This cat is a future-teller!

via _samanthapotter

22. “What did you call me?”

via BecomingElliott

23. Not happy to pose.

via mackenzieraven_

24. “Take a candid picture of me, hooman”

via mountain_mami_

25. “Psst hooman, can you sit like this?”

via kaleidokels1

26. What a fluffy kitty!

via shaypageee

27. Before: “I am tired of sleeping! Not gonna do it again”

After: “Ah, never mind.”

via exquisit3corpse

28. Okay, that is NOT a cat! So weird!

via boogerpizza

29. “Something wrong with my tail?”

via cute_possum

30. “Move aside, I’m watching a movie!”

via PearlGoddessss

Well, here comes the end of the post and we hope that you’ve had some really good laughs while going through these hilarious pictures! Also, we would love to know if you have ever seen your cat sitting in any one of these weird positions? If so, make sure that you do share the picture or the experiences with us down in the comments section below.


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