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20 Times Pets Got Busted Doing Something Too Human

Sometimes we catch animals being so witty and clever, that it feels like they may be more similar to humans than we believe. We tend to focus more on the differences than the similarities. For example, cats are famous for just eating food, sleeping, ruling over you, and repeating the same routine every day. Dogs are known to be extremely loving creatures who will be loyal to us till their last day. And yes, while these things might be very true, we tend to ignore the times when our pets pull something that we never thought they could even think of.


We are so busy assuming them as our innocent little babies that we forget they are one complete being, who has the potential to do whatever that appeals to them. Animals don’t just eat food, sleep, walk around, love us and sleep. They are capable of much more than that.

It is really fun to have pets around, but what’s even better is to find them in the middle of something so strange that you can’t help but laugh that it’s actually happening! Like your cat stealing your dog’s food or sleeping on the dog’s couch and making the dog sleep on the floor. Yup, cats are witty like that! And dogs will respectfully obey! Things like these are most amusing and seeing pictures online of what pets of other people are doing, is even more entertaining.

Scroll below to see some hilarious moments some pet owners caught their pet in!

1. “Stormy was not thrilled about the arrival of our girls.”

Via © HeyImHeide / Reddit

Jealousy is a thing in animals too! Cats are known for being territorial.

2. “My grandma got a lot of visitors the other day.”

Via © DefiantRanger9 / Reddit

They didn’t want her to feel alone!

3. “Already moved him once — he’s determined not to let me eat if he can’t too.”

Via © sidestreet2 / Reddit

How many times did you all have to share your food with your pet because it would not leave until you do? Yes, every time! If you have a cat, forget that you’ll be enjoying your meals alone in peace. Or even worse, you will end up feeding your cat a greater percentage of food than what you consume. But it’s okay, don’t be upset! That’s how parenting works. It is all about compromise.

4. I have been waiting for a long, Cynthia! Bring the food already

Via © ceeearan / Reddit

5. “I was sitting here playing a game, got up for water, and came back to this.”

Via © trexkisses / Reddit

No one wakes him up! He’s too comfy.

6. Why do you keep using your phone, human? Give me attention!

Via © StressedKookaburra / Reddit

7. He is just being self-conscious like we do sometimes

Via © esoterix_luke / Reddit

8. He is scared he just saw himself on a mat

Via © rianesho / Reddit

9. “I feed the dog outside every morning. Today, I apparently wasn’t fast enough so she picked out something to eat and waited by the door.”

Via © eatmycouch / Reddit

Loving the loyalty and commitment! I love how even though we know how beautiful dogs are by heart, whenever they do something this sweet, we are caught by surprise. Their actions never fail to bore us!

10. “Willow LOVES watching the snowfall outside the window and found the perfect *pillow* to sit on!”

Via © Beautiful_Facade / Reddit

That’s her spot now. I love how calm and content she is.

Well, we are only halfway through and we can already tell that you must be enjoying these sights, aren’t you? I mean, our furry little companions are a complete pack of entertainment and they definitely won’t even let you be bored, ever! The moment you enter your house, you know that your furry friend will be waiting for you and they are going to take away all your stress!

Our pets are nothing less than a huge blessings of your lives and we should definitely shower them with love just as they would, without even asking for anything in return. Well, that does not apply to cats though because they are mean and it’s basically the other way around. You must shower them with lots of love but you shouldn’t expect anything back from them. Why? Cause they are just like that and you can’t do anything about it. Anyways, let’s continue with the remaining pictures now, shall we? Keep scrollin’ folks!

11.“She just thinks she’s a cat and then gets stuck when she can’t liquefy like one.”

Via © RunicNature / Reddit

Where’s the self-awareness, chicken?

12.  “Chewing on his brother’s tail — he’s only sorry because he was caught.”

Via © tdoodles97 / Reddit

He did it first!

I cannot get enough of these insanely cute creatures. Even in their mischievous acts, they manage to look so adorable every damn time. They cannot be defeated.

13. It was Halloween and he dressed up as a ghost

Via © thorstone / Reddit
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14. Clean the desk space, I need to work!

Via © Dakotasreddit / Reddit

15. “They pulled down half my clothes to make a comfy bed for themselves.”

Via © ManaSawson / Reddit

Oh my God, so many cats! This is truly cat heaven. Any cat lover would give up absolutely anything to either live in this heavenly place or have these cats for even a day.

16. “Ran around my house for the last 20 minutes frantically calling for my kitten. Finally, I saw this set of ears.”

Via © mishalaluna / Reddit

All the peace in the world resides in this picture and those little ears.

17. Who cares about the differences when souls are connected?

Via © TricyclesTravels / Reddit

18. Substitute teacher in the house!

Via © leizybean / Reddit

Who angered the cat? She is either not okay with the amount of food she is fed or a new pet came into the house and she is not happy about it.

19. Opposites attract

Via ©notthelindsayyouknow / Reddit

20. They were just going out to play football!

Via © eight84 / Reddit

Wow, all these babies are so insanely adorable I wish I could hug them all! I love how animals have their mischievous streak in them. We get to experience such funny and cute moments where they get caught doing silly things. Lucky for the pet owners, they get to see such things quite often. And being pet lovers, we never get tired of experiencing these things.

Have you ever caught your pet doing something silly that made you laugh? Let us know down in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family because it’s bound to bring a smile to their faces!


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