50 Cats Who Just Are So Silly That They Can Put A Smile On Anyone’s Face

Cats are silly and they often get themselves in difficult situations.

Cats have long been a beloved companion animal for millions of people worldwide. With their playful and curious nature, these furry felines have a way of bringing joy and happiness to our lives. But there’s one thing that sets them apart from other pets – their silliness. Cats can be incredibly silly, and their antics often make us laugh out loud and put a smile on our faces. There’s just something about the way a cat bounces around the room or plays with its toys that’s downright hilarious. They have a knack for getting into situations that are both unexpected and comical, such as squeezing themselves into small spaces, chasing their tails, or trying to catch laser pointers. These little felines are just hilariously amazing in their own way.


One of the most amusing things about our furry felines is their seemingly endless curiosity. They’re always exploring and investigating their surroundings, which can lead to some entertaining situations. Another thing that makes cats so silly is their love of playtime. They’ll chase after balls, pounce on toys, and even play hide-and-seek with their owners. Watching a cat at play is pure joy. They are so focused and intense, yet so goofy and carefree at the same time. Today, we have 50 cats who are just full of silliness and we are sure they would make you laugh with their silly antics. Scroll down to have a look at them.

1. “Our cat often hangs like this”

2. When you are mad at your boss:


3. Now I know who has been stealing my coffee:


4. “The way our cat, Millie, lets us know someone is here.”


5. “Spend 20 minutes looking for my cat. Found her here.”


6. That’s how you get the cookie:


7. Big floofy cat with wondering eyes:


8. “We woke up from a nap to this ominous visage”


9. “Stop right there, criminal scum”


10. “This dumb idiot wouldn’t stop yelling about how it’s stuck when it got in there in the first place”


11. “Best pic of my cat to date”

12. “Need extra caution when going to the bathroom.”


13. “I think the shelter sold me Wile E. Coyote”

14. Mommy, I was just trying out your lipstick.


15. “Be cool, but I think there’s a second cat in our apartment”

16. “The new ‘window seat’ is a hot commodity”


17. That pink tongue and big eyes:

18. “Excuse me, sir…”


19. “Inside every Cat, Beats the Heart of a Lion”

20. “My cat sometimes does this”


21. The vampire cat will drink your blood:

22. “I was getting up to get something in the living room and saw him standing in the doorway like this”


23. “Gave my cat his Christmas gift early, here is how he slept after playing with his new fishy”

24. “Gave my girlfriend’s cat a smooch in the forehead and he hit me with the most offended look.”

25. “Caught mid-yawn”

Let’s not forget about their mischievous side. Cats are notorious for getting into things they shouldn’t, whether it’s knocking over plants, swiping food off the kitchen counter, or unraveling a ball of yarn. But even when they are causing chaos, it’s hard not to smile at their silly shenanigans. Every cat is unique, and their personalities and quirks can vary widely. Some cats are more laid back and reserved, while others are total goofballs. But regardless of their individual personalities, all cats have a way of bringing joy and laughter into our lives.

26. “Friend’s cat got a haircut. She seems very pleased”

27. “What I put up with when gaming….”


28. “Nap like an egyptian”

29. “One got ripe earlier than the others”


30. “He doesn’t understand why I’m laughing at him.”

31. “Lily doesn’t like me taking pictures of her bunny butt, but it’s too cute!”

32. “My kitten seeing the neighbours cat for the first time”


33. “Didn’t see him at lunchtime, so looked around and found him sleeping in the front yard”

34. “My cat Dolly….looking extra clever”

35. “Fav Seat”


36. “This is Snickers. She loves yard work.”

37. “I promise she’s not getting electrocuted”

38. He passed out like this after playing with his toy:


39. “In memory and appreciation of my blind cat who passed away a few months ago, Ice”

40. “I caught my cat waking up and falling off the wall”

41. “Never had a cat this derpy”


42. “Huh? Photo by Hiroaki Kawasue”

43. “Frejya only sleeps in derpy positions”

44. When he is angry:


45. “He’s literally never done this before, and then the second I sit down..?”

46. “If Im up., YOUR UP!!”

47. “Cat so lazy a spider built a web between her ears.”


48. This cat always sits in this position:

49. “I no longer have a cat, just two croissants.”

50. “Total eclipse of the cat”

Cats are silly creatures and they have a special ability to make us laugh and smile. Whether it is their playful nature, curiosity, or mischievous streak, there is just something about these furry felines that brightens up our day. So the next time you are feeling down, just start scrolling through this list and you’ll be amazed at how quickly these adorable cattos can turn your mood around. Leave a comment below for your lovely felines.

Here is an adorable dog tax:

“What breed is she? Found on the side of the road today in Nowhere, TX.”


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