CEO Asks Employees To Donate Paid Holiday Days To Sick Coworker Instead Of Extending Their Leave

After encouraging staff to give their own paid vacation days to a sick colleague, a CEO has drawn criticism. The president and CEO of an undisclosed company pleaded with staff in a statement distributed to all employees to give a long-serving employee who had been hospitalized for several months their paid time off.

They further stated that the employee and her family suffered financial hardships as a result of the time off work.

The memo’s Reddit share had the following caption: “I don’t know what to say. This is very sad.”The document in question reads: “A 17-year veteran of our nutrition department has been hospitalized and receiving rehabilitation care for a number of months. “Her benefits are about to expire, and she has used up all of her PTO days. As you can expect, this has put a significant financial strain on her family. “If someone would like to donate one or more PTO days, please notify [management] in writing of your plans. I appreciate your consideration.”

The CEO probably believed that when they penned this message, the response would go something like this: “What a considerate and sweet suggestion from our kind boss, n’awww. I would be happy to give up the paid time off to which I’m allowed by law.”

Their response would not have been anything like this, though, if their staff are anything like Reddit users.

One Reddit member made the following comment on the popular post: “The phrase “Dear Dunces, Let me use guilt to have you do something that would ultimately cost less money for me.”

One more wrote: “It’s horrible that they would engage in such trickery, adding that it is a financial burden on their family. The worker is not obligated to pay their coworkers.”

A third person said, “What a f***ing loser, the arrogance to declare President and CEO at the end.” Sadly, some told stories of managers who were just as rapacious and out of touch. This is exactly how my old company was, a Reddit member commented. “I oversaw the accounting division, and they intended to force me to go around and solicit volunteer time from the staff. I declined. I made it clear that anyone might donate their time if they so desired, but I’m not requesting it. Oh, and the CEO set a rule that the c-suite (executives) would receive full compensation if they took FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) leave, but this policy was solely for them. She did this after learning that you are not paid when you are on leave for FMLA. I no longer work there.

However, if these horror stories about awful bosses are depressing you, have no fear—someone has joined in with a narrative that demonstrates that not all bosses are b******s. They wrote, “I once had a boss, a big multi-million dollar corporation. “Perhaps 100 to 150 workers.

“Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) claimed the life of one of the programmers’ children. Horrible.

“The secretary of the boss inquired about the appropriate floral arrangement during a meeting. He basically said f**k that. Pay for everything. Funeral, everything. And when he feels OK to come back to work he can. No loss in pay. Was about two months I think he was out.”

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