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Boss Accuses Wrong Ex-Employee Of Reporting Use Of Pirated Software, They Actually Did It

Nowadays, it’s quite simple to pirate software, which is likely why everyone does it, including large corporations who can easily afford to buy the original. Naturally, there are those anti-piracy angels who like to flaunt their halo in public, which begs the issue of why (apart from cost considerations) we don’t download the authentic version of the software. Why do we disregard it so quickly?

The cause is actually rather straightforward. You need an internet connection to use the silly thing, and sometimes you need to download other software for it to function. After downloading the additional software, you usually need to create a new account and log in to it. Just wait patiently for the installation procedure, which takes a very long time. 

This is the bottom line of the story..

OP left the job after 6 months..


One day the old boss calls

OP explained the situation to him


The boss became threatening when OP didn’t comply


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