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16 Charming Black Cats That Can Bring Anything But Bad Luck

We believe in black cats’ supremacy.

In many different countries and cultures, it is believed that black cats bring bad luck if they cross your paths. They are so many other superstitions related to black cats that are completely ridiculous and made out of illiteracy. No animal can bring anyone bad luck, especially cats. They all are a complete bundle of joys no matter what color they are, they all are equally beautiful and charming.


We have collected a bunch of pictures to prove to you that black cats bring everything but bad luck, in fact, these extremely alluring and gorgeous black cats are definitely the lucky charm of their owners. Keep on scrolling down to fall in love with black cats…

1. She is such a classy lady.

Image Credit: ari_the_panther

2. “Whenever I’m sick, unable to deal with my depression, or in pain, Dumplings does not leave my side. Her purrs heal all.”


Image Credit: © yougavemehogwarts / Reddit

3. Aww, this is such an adorable Christmas portrait.


Image Credit: © HarmonicCounterpoint / Reddit

4. This cat really said, “If I fits, I sits.”


Image Credit: © Ruddskies / Reddit

5. Aww, just look at this cutie’s pink nose and toe beans.


Image Credit: © Freyja565 / Reddit

6. “Ruler of the high seas”


Image Credit: © DogCatNurse / Reddit

7. “She can change color whenever she feels like it.”


Image Credit: elena_s_team

8. “Sometimes, I think he’s a wolf.”


Image Credit: © reginaldm9 / Reddit

Oh, my god! I am in love with all of them, they all are so breathtakingly beautiful. I have never seen a cat more attractive than all of these. I just love how photogenic all of them are, they are literally perfect. I bet all of them are models by profession in the cats’ world. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these gorgeous furry friends…

9. “Gave Jack a bath and now he’s doing that stereotypical black cat thing.”


Image Credit: © Kdeitrick0 / Reddit

10. “I guess we should have named him Shadow.”


Image Credit: © natural_distortion / Reddit

11. “Today I met this black cat with a pink nose.”

Image Credit: © agni_ka / Reddit

12. “How nice it is to feel a little sunshine on my black fur!”


Image Credit: kingk0vu

13. “This cat has an odd pattern: a red body and a black head.”

Image Credit: © Gall**B**b / Reddit

14. “Batgirl baby. My friend sent me this pic to encourage me to adopt a cat.”


Image Credit: © bumblefoot99 / Reddit

15. “I thought this photo I took of my black cat shows off how amazing their eyes are.”

Image Credit: © highlyironic / Reddit

16. “I was told that most shelters were full of black cats, not because people are superstitious, but because they are generally not ’good’ when it comes to taking photos of them. Therefore they aren’t social media friendly. Matilda and I strongly disagree. Go rescue a beautiful black cat.”


Image Credit: © Jam-cracker / Reddit

I also agree with Matilda. Whoever owns a pet to post pictures and please people on social media and not because they actually love that animal, is a sick person. I believe every cat of all shapes, sizes and colors is perfectly beautiful. No animal is evil, no animal brings us bad luck. These creatures are very innocent and loving, we should treat them with love and care as well. Do you have a black cat? What are the superstitious things you have heard about black cats? Share with us in the comments down below…


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