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Hilarious Things People Used To Think Were Actually True, But Reality Hit Them

All kids have been made to fear weird things. To stop you from doing certain things, parents and other elders fill our minds with lies to keep us obedient. Kids have impressionable minds and at that age, we don’t have a concept of lying. We think everyone is telling the truth and we especially do not think the elders are lying. We trust them blindly. It is due to our innocence and our gullible nature as kids that we are ready to hop onto the first thing we are told.


Fortunately, most of us get hit with reality when we grow up and realize how the things we were told as kids are utter lies. When someone on ‘Askreddit’ asked “What’s the dumbest thing you believed as a kid?”, people had absurd answers.

Scroll below to check some hilarious responses!

1. Belly button is a woman’s second mouth!

Wow, I cannot believe something as irrelevant as a belly button had to be lied about. Why did the mother feel the need to lie to their kid about this?

2. We all are in the same boat for this!

Via Daking4001

Admit it, you thought so too. It is absurd and we had no concept of filming. We had a lot of learning to do.

3. This kid took it too deeply!

Via CouldHaveBeenEasy

These things make me realize how clueless kids are.


4. Those damn commercial breaks!

Via AndAndreyIsntHere

This one is giving me nostalgia. I remember feeling bad about missing parts of the show too.

5. Oops


Via Mr_A

The “No” from his father hit hard.

6. So did I!

Via YourFavoriteWeird0

We all thought school was their home, confess it!

7. Jeez

Via Leinkugel

Parents should be careful about having sex in the room next to their kid’s room.

8. The terrors of sex

Via Evoseanzie

God, the thought and fear of sex were like a monster that followed us everywhere.

9. Cars surely have minds!

Via LadyLuxlord

How convenient it would have been if cars knew where we wanted to go!

10. Driver would be dehydrated as hell!

Via StarLordFloofer

11. I thought it was a market for witchcraft!

Via Greeneyes_84

The black market just sounds fishy. I am sure many people are still confused.

12. Your order has been finalized

Via shartnado3

Imagine the anxiety this must have induced in the kid! I am dying of laughter.

13. Wild thoughts

Via shartnado3

14. Children have the craziest imagination

Via illegalmint

15. He must be confused as hell!

Via boredbobby32

16. No one understood escalators as a child.

Via stupidlyugly

17. I would be lying if I say I never had this thought.

Via BurghFinsFan

18. Damn, we had the funniest fears as kids.

Via pyrotech33

I have only one thing to say. Nothing is as vast as a child’s imagination. Kids think beyond the boundaries and there is no idea that is impossible for them to think. It is kind of endearing too that kids are so curious about things and they of different things to fill the gaps in their mind.

What was the craziest thought you had as a kid? Share in the comments!


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