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Hilarious Road Signs That You Will Find Only In Australia

Things and trends change as you move to different places around the world, the same is the case with traffic rules and road signs. No matter what region of the world it is or in what language the road signs are, they are necessary to regulate the smooth flow of traffic as well as to prevent accidents. Road signs may vary within a country too, such as the regions which have wildlife will have road-signs warning you about the animals that may cross your way on the road. At other places, you might come across usual road signs cautioning you about rules and regulations.

Although traffic rules and road signs are a serious matter, this isn’t always true when considering road signs in Australia. There are a lot of things which you would only find in Australia and not in other parts of the world, Aussie road signs top the list. Despite being a serious matter they always have a touch of humor. We’ve gathered the most hilarious road signs that you’ll only come across in Australia, try not to laugh too hard!

If you find understanding them difficult, ask your Australian friends. They’ll explain them just right!

1. Signboards here can be instructional too, at times.


“That’s your marching orders, d*ckheads”

2. A perfect sign for your cat or a dog’s house.


3. You have got to be kidding me! That is an actual sign!?


4. Well, you can imagine the severity.


5. See that Aussie flex of having large snakes?


6. McDonald’s surely knows how to intrigue their customers. “Oh yasss”


Nobody matches the sass of McDonald’s in Australia

7. Someone is being captain obvious.

8. Hope you understood the joke because if you didn’t, you are such a “Dumbell”


9. Such a remarkable strategy, no?

10. What? Can anyone help me understand this one?


11. OMG I love this one! Make sure to add the W before the “anchor”

12. Beware of the Australian cows


You won’t find such road signs anywhere in the world other than in Australia. Aussies express their utmost sense of humor on the roads. So even if you are a traveler or a new settler, you’ll get to enjoy this distinctive quality of the Australians! Keep scrolling down because it doesn’t just end here, we have got more hilarious signs coming up ahead for you!

13. Yikes!

via TheAussieStore

14. Definitely not entering that place after reading the number of flies.

via Jessisawanderer

We need such breakdowns almost everywhere around the world

15. Here’s a dark one.

via keithcavey

These signboards have an undeniable sense of humor

16. That’s what you got to do, Go back!

via hattyruff

These signboards not only point out the wrong you’re doing, but they also let you correct it

17. Aussies have their priorities sorted

via CircaJoyLynn

18. Do we have to look for the turtle walking on the road or gliding through the air?

via hatton_kathy

Along with beautiful landscapes and scenic beaches, there’s a lot to enjoy in Australia. You might also want to bring a few souvenirs home too, such as Macadamia nuts. However, the ever-lasting thing you’ll bring along is the memories. Don’t forget to follow the road signs instead of just enjoying them! We owe a lot to traffic rules and road signs, they prevent the roads from being in utter chaos. We won’t mind if other places take inspiration from Australia and add a bit of hilarity to these signs.

Let us know if you’ve ever been to Australia and what you think of these signs in the comments section below.


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