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Clever Worker Quits And Gets Rehired For Higher Salary

Most individuals would probably decide to look for better work somewhere else if a manager suddenly decides to begin compensating new hires more than his senior employees. One stubborn Redditor, though, was determined to get paid fairly, even if it meant quitting and being hired again. That is malicious compliance, folks.

So what are you waiting for guys and gals? Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you folks watch it till the end otherwise, you are not going to get the whole point here. Good Luck!

1. That sounds like true malicious compliance ugh

Posted by u/tpb772000

2. He should have said yes didn’t he?


“Beats me, I guess he wanted to save money but keep a few people for the busy season.” said OP.

“At least you made his turnover rate higher by quitting and replying, bet that makes a good impression when he asks for a raid/s” said u/Temutschin.

3. To pick up a dime?


“I know I wasn’t the most important employee and highly replaceable but when your turnover rate is so bad you go up on .75 starting pay you need to keep the employees you have.” said OP.

4. She looked confused


“Lol that’s gold that HR manager sounds awesome. When did your manager find out about your increase?” said OP.

“That same day. HR sent down the new hire paperwork for him to sign. He did try to change my pay rate to a lesser amount. HR said no. I only worked there for about another 4 months, but that was longer than him. He got shit canned canned about 3 weeks after i was rehired.” said u/KaelKorven.

5. We all need to find that one employee who loves cats


6. What’s going on here?


7. Some storage bins


When there is malicious compliance involved always remember there would be some kind of pissed-off manager involved. Man, you should have given the chance to the OP don’t you think so? He was experienced enough to be standing in the position he was wishing for, clearly, according to him, it was clear that he was a hard-working man and had enough experience to fit the position he was desiring. Nevertheless, he was also training which already means he was a perfect fit but the silly manager didn’t understand this.

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