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Twitter User Asked, “What Is The Dumbest Thing You Believed As A Child?” And Internet Delivered

When a child is born, he/she is in this completely new, overwhelming scenario, which they get to explore with time. As they start growing up, they start learning about things, from; walking, talking, speaking, and toilet training. Kids have a very curious nature which allows them to look and find all the external stimuli they can to get to know the world as soon as possible. Their innocent nature gets them while up and when it is time to comprehend that knowledge, they utilize their opinions according to what they have experienced and what they have observed in the short time frame of exploring the world.


As time passes, we grow up into young teens where a lot of things start to make a bit more sense as to how your perceptions and perspectives were before. So when we find out the truth about how our parents have told stories to us that just are not true, we acknowledge their funny memories. A thread began as Dr. Daniel Marven asked everyone to remember the dumbest things that we had fallen for in our childhood. Many people participated to share their stories or lies that parents or others had them believing to avoid trouble or just for the gags.

Scroll down to check out the stories;

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1. Airplanes fly around the globe at all times.


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2. If only that was a true phenomenon.

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3. One child falls of the airplane every minute of the day for such population growth.

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4. That is such creative imagination to come up with in the first place.


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5. Quicksand is scary!

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6. Exactly the way it is shown in comics.

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7. It will decay from so much sucking.

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8. Everyone would have such a healthy mental wellbeing if we all did what we wanted to.

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9. Gardening is no less of a job than going to war, right?

Via DanWithAPlan247

10. She really wanted that association with the movie.

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11. It is virtual reality for a reason.

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12. All the shows and series are based on someones life.

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13. And then suddenly colors came in and thus explaining the colored pictures.

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14. Just so you dont leave out the crusts and waste food.

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15. They do improve your eyesight, not so sure about the night vision.

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16. I thought something similar that they are unique which allows them to wear a collar.

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17. I have witnessed so many kids withholding that thought.

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For parents this becomes a huge responsibility, as a toddler, you have certain guidelines that they follow to make sure the kid does not get traumatized within the first day as to what the world is actually about. Children are naive and they believe whatever is being told to them as they don’t know what the real facts are and are fully dependant on adults to help them gain the new knowledge. This along with many other reasons, kids believe what is being said to them.

18. That brought a lot of spare time to figure out how many more to get.

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19. You cannot be pointing out a deseaced human.

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20. There is special corner for the gum to stay in for seven years.

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21. Since it is surrounded with sea, there is a high posisblity of it floating, right?

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22. All surfaces grow grass than having dirt lingering on them.

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23. By the look of it, for a second i am sure anyone would fall for that.

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Those innocent fellows cannot even get concrete evidence as to if their information is right or wrong as their experiences are so limited. As they grow up they start questioning their previous facts and believing things that they decide to believe. Doubting and distinguishing with sources of information should be trusted is crucial. That is why children are taught to stay self-aware and conscious for them to know the difference between a bad guy and a good guy and as to whom to trust because adults struggle with that too.

24. That one minute just never ends.

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25. They do give pretty visuals, just like a rainbow.

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26. Best of both worlds.

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On the other hand, when trying to elaborate on things without having the right vocabulary and knowledge. This increases the chances for them to fall for things parents tell you or your ideologies and imaginations come into play. Adults sometimes try to struggle in understanding certain complex situations that can be hard for children too, Adults make a bit more of an accurate guess while children do not. It all depends on gaining extensive life experience and learning how the world works.

27. Id carry salt with me wherever i go.

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28. Just a bit too homless no?

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29. It is all about consequnces.

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30. They be stalking your existence till you dont go indoors.

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31. They just pluck them out and fit them all aroun the city later on.


32. Some disney movies really made an impact on our lives.

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33. That movie got all the kids believing the same thing, youre not the only one.

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34.We all have the potential to be human trees.

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Here are a couple of adults relaying the stupid and ridiculous things that got them believing in some random things, that now when they look back, they would second guess their audacity to fall for it in the first place, but interesting enough, we all have been through this one day or the other.

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