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16 Clingy Dogs With Zero Sense Of Personal Space

Aren’t dogs the most less thoughtful creatures on Earth? Pet dogs love you unconditionally, therefore, they want to be around you, as much as close as they can, preferably right on top of you. Since work from home has been on the way, dogs have utilized their best option to invade others’ personal space. They don’t even care about their size and wanna be all cuddly and comfy around fellow pets too. If you have a dog, you would better understand how this works.


1. Little cat feels helpless as old fella invades her personal space

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2. Old big doggo makes a disgusted face as younger pup makes room for himself


via Rstevens009

3. Big black pup all excited for road trip, ignoring what’s beneath

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4. Just two old friends cuddling

via JC84909

5. Driving cautious, what?

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6. Cutest Public Display of Affection

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7. Floor cuddles; this is my life now

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8. I want dinner on the table, JUST LIKE THIS, I don’t care if you have to eat too

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9. Doggo beneath: Alive up till now, future is guaranteed

via Partyingmanbear

10. That’s my place, right here, yeah

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11. Hey there, we were just checking if you were doing okay in the bathroom..

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12. Cuddly pals casually sleeping in their favourite spot and position

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13. Black hot dogs duo

via savagecat

14. Fellow doggo’s head being used as a seat while upper doggo poses happily

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15. Dog slumbers on the way, not caring a little about poor kid

via Brighteyed0510

16. Little pup squished by papa squishy on the way

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Well, all these dogs were a little too much when ut came to personal space. But you must admit that all of them looked adorable. Its something innthe nature of these animals that we cant change. They love to rub, cuddle and sit on the ones they love. Give us feedback if your pet doggo also does any of such thing usually.


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