This Group Of Six Sibling Cats Are A Dose Of Happiness

One can never get tired of cats.

I think it is because they possess some magical power that keeps us attracted to them. Even the angry cats Yeowing at you with their full might, you can’t help but get mad at them. All that comes to mind is that either that cat might be hungry or it is us who did something wrong and now the cat is mad. That’s the universal rule. Cats are never wrong, only we are wrong.


And that is because of a lot of things. Out of many, one being their purr-fect floofy faces. That furball face along with those big innocent eyes? Sold all day every day. You know kitty cats can be very moody. It’s a very well-known fact. When they’re in the mood to through some shade, they won’t care how expensive or cheap that piece of furniture is. If they see it on a table, they will tip it off. And what adds to their innocence is the fact that they understand their mistake, Not at the moment because that will ruin the whole setup to get extra food, but later they do realize that they made their owners angry or annoyed and that is when they slowly sit next to you and make sure you are not noticing, but you obviously are, as they try to move inwards and slowly apply pressure with their head on your chest, and boom! They are back to being your favorite creatures on the planet. And then that one tiny meow that means ‘I am sorry, can I hug you?’ How can someone not love cats. Proper planners and that’s what I love so much about them.

But that is the cold side. Cats have a very big heart for their owners, family e.g. siblings, kittens, etc. They love to give back and only demand love, affection, and trust. And once that perfect little connection is established among you and your cat, the bond is then inseparable. Like seriously, that cat will make sure that bond does not break. Isn’t easy to bring up a cat but the cool thing is that they notice everything happening around them. The effort their owners are making for them, their siblings, their little kids. Nothing goes unnoticed and that is why so many people chose cats as their pets because they are great companions. A perfect choice to spend your whole life with.

Cats make us all happy so today I’ve got some cat siblings for you guys that are going to make you smile brighter than you ever have.

Ready for your day to be brightened up? Scroll down below and enjoy.

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Kristine and Stuart, owners of 6 rescue kittens, decided to share all about their baby cats on the internet in hopes to make us internet users smile. I mean, come on. That level of greatness puts us all to shame, but in a great way. We get to see cute cats, I don’t have a problem with it and I believe it is fair to say that everyone reading this right now would not have a problem with this either

This is Martini the Ragdoll cat. Martini has 5 siblings Mia, Coco, Sandy, Luna, and Socks.

All siblings absolutely love one another to bits. And they are proper divas. They live in Sunshine State spending their days looking majestical, gorgeous, and aww-dorable. And, they are never tired of a picture. All of them have their perfect angles and poses nailed right to the dot. I don’t think I need to stay this but these cats are totally spoiled. I mean after all that description, it’s not their fault that they are spoiled. But out of them, all Martini has a slightly bigger heart when it comes to sharing the spotlight. He loves caring for his mates.

He looks so innocent. The eyes kinda remind me of Smokey from Stuart Little.


Based on all the information that Kristine and Stuart have provided, today I am going to introduce you to all 6 siblings one by one.

First up is our big boy Martini. A male seal point ragdoll cat who is 7.


Martini was adopted from a rescue organization called Rescue Cats of Florida. He has been adopted for over 7 months now.


Martini’s favorite activity is to hang out on the catio. Here’s what his family had to say about him:

“We were not planning to adopt another cat! Then I saw Martin on Facebook and fell in love at first sight. We weren’t really sure what we were getting into, and it took a month or so for him to get settled in, but he is actually a great cat and we are really happy to have him! Renamed Martini (Tini for short), he is our largest cat and could easily be the Alpha cat. However, he usually keeps his distance from the other cats and dogs get along with them all. He is very bonded with his new mom, but he is not a lap cat, at least not yet!”


“Martini is the reason I started the Instagram account and named it after him, @martini_the_ragdoll_cat. His foster mom suggested it since he has such a unique ‘frown.’ I always wanted to have a social media account for my cats, but until we adopted Martini I didn’t think it would be very interesting to others. I started posting a picture every day, and pretty soon it became a daily habit. I want my posts to bring pleasure to others, especially during this stressful pandemic.  I really enjoy doing it, and making friends with other cat accounts in the IG community! Rescued cats are the best!!”

Next up we have got Sandy. A female Calico who is over 17 years old.


Sandy is much more like brother Martini when it comes to favorite activities. She too loves hanging out on the catio. Perhaps the two like to do this together as they discuss the future. Sandy has been adopted for over 15 years. She was adopted froM SPCA. She is definitely an old one but you can not identify that when you look at her because she is super tiny.

“Sandy is the smallest and the oldest, but she still has that Calico ‘cattitude.’ She is the smartest, likes jumping up in high places, is a lap cat, and purrs loudly. She is not a big fan of the other cats because they sometimes chase after her, but she normally gets along with them.”

The third adorable sibling in the line is Mia. A 10-year-old female Tabby/Torbie


Mia was also adopted from SPCA, like sister Sandy. She is owned for over 9 years now. Her favorite activity is to search and clear the garage from bugs and lizards. A protector.

Here’s what the owners shared about Mia, “Mia was adopted as a friend for Sandy after a prior cat (Boots) passed away. Unfortunately Mia and Sandy did not get along very well. Mia is not a large cat, but she is the Alpha cat. She has a somewhat aloof ‘cattitude’, and prefers to be scratched rather than a pet. She has her routine, loves to sleep at the top of the cat tree, and gets along best with Coco. Almost every time I point the camera at Mia, she turns her head or runs away, so that’s why there are relatively few pictures of Mia on the IG account.”

Fourth member of the great-six is a 10-year-old female tuxedo; Coco.

Coco is very pampered as the name suggests. Even her favorite activity is to lay next to daddy on a sofa. So cute! I want to hug this kitty so bad right now. Coco was adopted 9 years ago.


“Coco is Daddy’s girl, and she is the most friendly and outgoing of the cats. If another cat is misbehaving, she will sometimes run over and bop him/her on the head. She has very glossy, bunny soft fur, and a white tip at the end of her tail, which is what attracted our attention at PetSmart. She gets along well with the other cats, except for Luna.”

Coco’s parents say that her adoption was an impulse decision. They were out shopping for cat food from PetSmart and it all happened right there in a heartbeat.

Now onto Socks. 8 and a half year male tuxedo

Socks was adopted as a stray cat when he was only 6 months old.


Socks is Mama’s boy. And his favorite thing to do is also snuggling his Mommy.

Here’s what they shared about Socks, “Socks was a starving abandoned kitten in our neighborhood. When we saw him outside trying to eat a peanut left out for the squirrels, we knew we had to help him! It took a few months of feeding him before we could get close enough to finally catch him and take him to the vet. He is still a shy ‘scaredy cat’ but he’s a love bug and really appreciates being a part of the family. He gets along well with all the other cats and is happy to no longer be the only male cat.”

And now last but definitely not the least, the cat with my favorite name, Luna! She is a 14-year-old all-black cat

Luna was adopted 6 years ago from a neighbor. She loves getting pets and seeking everyone’s attention. A proper diva.


Here’s what the owners had to say about their majestic baby:

“Luna ‘ran away from her former owners across the street, and lived in our front yard until we took her in. She is a small cat, very sweet, likes to play, meows a lot including mimicking the other cats’ meows, and loves attention. Luna rarely sits still, so it’s difficult to get a good picture of her for the IG account.”

Here’s another picture of Luna because of a personal bias towards the name.

Such a cutie!

I know none of us can get enough of Martini and his siblings but there where we end today. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I am fully in love with these cats. Or should I say divas! I would love to meet them in person one day. Especially, Luna. I am so in love with that kitty.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below. Share some goodies about your cats if you have one.


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