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A Collection Of The Cutest And Funniest Cat Posts You’ll Ever See

What would we do without cats?

Cats are really important to us. They play an important role in our daily lives. Where would we be without them? They take away all our sadness and entertain us all day long. If you’re having a bad day, you could just spend some time with your cat and you will feel a lot better. I realise that we depend on cats for a lot of things. We look towards them for our daily snuggles, we talk to them for our therapy, we expect them to entertain us with their shenanigans, and we always look for a friend in them when we have no one else. Honestly, we are just really blessed to have cats. They do a lot for us without even realising it. It is sad that they don’t get to spend a life as long as humans, and they all have to pass away before we do. The loss is always irrecoverable.


But don’t be sad. Let’s instead enjoy the time we have with them. Cats leave a mark on our lives. They are literally everywhere you go. And once you become a “cat person,” everything you see will somehow be related to a cat. Scroll down below to see an amazing collection of different cat posts:

1. “Craig loves his quarantine castle. Especially now that there is open patios at human head-swatting heights.”

Via u/mnhaverland

2. “These new windows make him look like a Lisa Frank masterpiece.”


Via u/styro_phoam

3. “Schrodinger is cancer-free!”


Via u/Cyanidesuicideml

Congrats, tough guy!

4. “My cat Harry has the best toe beans”


Via u/sparklerfish

5. “It’s a vertical loaf!”


Via u/theotherfang

6. “It’s been about a month since my boyfriend and I moved in together with our cats but I think it’s safe to say Oliver (grey and white) likes his new friend”


Via u/RavenCXXVIV

7. “Ebenezer showing my daughter the way”


Via /OmarGooding

8. “Close up of the murder hornets that are invading the USA”


Via u/ccc15650

9. “So cute nose”


Via u/HadiSporr

10. “This is marshmallow. She has scoliosis and hops instead of walks. I rescued her from the euthanasia list 3 years ago.”


Via u/marshpie

11. “Albus wondering why I’m always home these days”

Via u/CrookshanksIsBae

Don’t cats just warm up your heart? They are an absolute delight to look at, and they give the warmest cuddles. They are much better than human cuddles. Whenever I come home from college, my cats are the first thing I look for around the house. Everything just suddenly gets better when they are there. Scroll down below for more cattos:

12. “My cat Zimes before adoption and after adoption. He was a stray and attacked by a dog as a baby. He lost half of his lower jaw and this is why his tongue is out. This is a photo from the day he was found, and on the left how he is now – happy, healthy and loved.”


Via u/zimesthecat

13. “Caught my old mate eating my soup while I was on the phone. it’s more than 10 years now that I have to pay attention to him every time I eat. He never gives up. I love him”

Via u/Daveebob

14. “Two years ago I adopted the largest cat at the shelter, and for two years now he’s been keeping my left shoulder extra toasty”


Via u/WaldosMama

15. “The day we found her 2 months ago compared to now. Pumpkin has made herself right at home “

Via u/wyomiss

16. “Sweet Sybil, my beloved rainbow cat, crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.”


Via u/Misslasagna

Hope you have lots of fun up there, sweet baby.

17. “My husband built a catio for our three babies!”

Via u/abdamschroder

18. Blind cats deserve some extra love.


Via u/BasedOnAir

19. So cute.

Helping an amputee cat from r/cats

20. It’s working so far.

I made this mini window blinds so he would leave the real ones alone. from r/cats

21. He’s a grumpy baby.

Rage Knead from r/cats

22. That is clearly Mozarella’s house. Let her in.

This is Mozzarella. She’s not my cat but she acts entitled to my house. from r/cats

Do you have any adorable cat posts to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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