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27 Funniest Comics By Raph With Twisted Endings

Raph is a famous illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. With a huge following of 69k users on Instagram, Raph’s comics gained a lot of attention. He mostly uses dark humor to bring a twist in his comics and make them unpredictable. He has his way to make you think about something entirely different at the start, but the comic takes a different turn in the end. You can never predict how any of his comics will end. He not only makes comics but enjoys creating music too. He has too many creative interests.

The dark element in his comics is what really attracted many comic lovers on the internet. If you are a comic lover or are simply looking for some humor, you are in the right place. We have collected some of the hilarious content Raph has created for your entertainment.

You can search for more of his work on his Instagram. Make sure you check his Patreon page as well.

Scroll below and enjoy!

1. Life of an a-hole!


Basically, this is how assholes live life. They will do horrible things without an ounce of accountability and evade any kind of repercussions.

2. Matches can never live a healthy life.


3. Circle of life.


4. Jerry came at the right moment.


Damn, at least he died in the presence of all his loved ones.

5. The rest of our life will be spent dressing up for stupid Zoom!


If I have to dress up once more for a zoom meeting, I am leaving this earth!

6. Computer log-out!


7. Words of a wise person!

We always belitter ourselves by thinking how small we are compared to stars and the universe. We should always think about all the achievements and progress we have made to remind ourselves of our importance.

8. It is easier said than done!


No one knows the hard work and sweat that has been invested in making a painting. Only the artist knows how much effort has been put into the creation.

9. A sloth against the king of the jungle!

A sloth is way cuter than a lion. My vote is for the sloth!

10. Tricks to become as cool as Dave…


11. Story of all our lives.

I relate to this too much. It is always a struggle to stand up for yourself. No matter how much prep talk we give to ourselves, we always end up giving in to societal pressure!

12. Everything can be exchanged for money!


13. Oops. Someone will be serving jail time for no reason!

14. May God help Billy…


15. Things that go inside our dog’s head…

Humans should stop pretending they are taking their dogs for a walk. In reality, they just do not know the way to the part and want their dog to guide them.

16. Run Crysis!


17. This comic got dark a little too quick.

18. It’s never good to delay work.


No matter how important the work is, we know we will keep delaying it. I think it’s the boredom that has filled us with constant annoyance towards everything we do!

19. Damn…

20. They had us in the first half.


21. “Subs” has too many meanings. She should have been more specific!

22. Crust is famous in all realms!


23. LOL🤣Professor must get thousands of these every semester

College life in a nutshell!

24. Don’t get too close!


25. Brutal rejection!

26. What is special about the hat?


27. This is what really happens at Tech Support!

Awww, the server just needed a little push and words of encouragement.

Wow, those were some hilarious comics. All the stress my body had accumulated this week is no more present. The artist of these comics is surely very talented and knows how to build a story. I cannot even choose which comic was my favorite because I found all of them so entertaining. I cannot wait to check more of his work on his page. He deserves all the followers he has right now and many more.

Did you enjoy his work? Let us know in the comments which comic you laughed at the most!


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