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17 Illustrations With Surprising Endings That Will Make You Stop And Think

Millie Ho is a unique artist and illustrator. Her style and humour are quite different from other artists. The humour you’ll find in her comics is not something that is seen often. That is the prominent and attractive quality of her comics. Her comics is not only entertaining but a source of inspiration for many. Her mind works very differently and that pushes people to channel their individuality too. The humour you find in comics is not always different. Although all comics are funny, it is rare to see a new style. This is what appeals to people about Millie’s comics. Her webcomic is called “Sorrowbacon”.


Millie is not only passionate about creating art and comics but is also involved in advocating for social issues that concern her. She talks mainly about wildlife. Her comics have gained her more than 5k followers.

Scroll below to check what all the hype is about!

1. The possessive cat!

This is how cats feel inside. They have a cold exterior but they are territorial in nature. They are probably moody all the time because they hate to see us give love to people other than them. They want us for themselves. They don’t like sharing their human!

2. The disgusting life of a pen.


We never think of a pen’s feelings before we lick. I will never lick a pen ever again!

3. Now we have to do maths to lose weight? I’d rather stay fat, thank you!


As if we did not already hate calculus with passion, now it has turned into a diet? We all know how we feel about exhausting diets. They are never useful and always exhaust us.

4. Cute creatures are not so cute…


Those damn deceptive creatures!

5. What on earth?


My eyes are burning from this absurdity.

6. Awww!


A match made in heaven! Everyone deserves a hug, even a cactus.

7. Everyone is a sucker for tortilla chips!


She knows how to bribe her cat!

8. Everyone is perfect the way they are!


Even cats feel insecure sometimes. We just have to remind them how freakishly adorable they are.

9. Tale of a twisted bastard


“Food bringer” 🤣

10. Brushing teeth in the shower are the key to success!


Productivity requires multi-tasking and not everyone is capable of doing it. It needs to be kept a secret!

11. “Lady Gaga Outfit” 😁

12. The battle of the beans!


13. Beware of the “rawr-ing” cake!

The food items have been renamed!

14. Pop!


15. Honest is not always the best policy!

Honesty may be charming, but it does not save you from a vampire!

16. “Happy and disturbed”


17. Cats find pleasure in tormenting their humans!

We all know cats are evil in nature. They like seeing us in pain. I wonder why we still love them so much?

Well, everyone is not hyped for her comics for nothing. As mentioned, her comics are unique and funny. The humour is very unusual and I never knew you could use humour this way. The narcissistic cat takes a major role in these comics and we are up for it.

You can find more of the artist’s work on her Instagram and her website.

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