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30 Comics With Surprising Twists That No One Saw Coming

While comics have been around since forever, dark humor is a fresh concept that is taking time to grow on people. What people do not understand about dark humor is that it takes a lot of creativity and wit to create a comic with dark humor. Tony Esp is a webcomic artist and editor, who uses dark humor to create comics. His comics have different themes, some even include important lessons to take away and learn from. He believes that comedy is always better when the reader cannot predict the ending. The unpredictability of a comic makes it more entertaining and the shock value adds to its appeal.


Dark humor is more time-consuming than regular humor. Since Tony deals with dark humor in his comics, it requires him more time to come up with creative and well-calculated dialogues. Every part of the comic adds to the sinister side of the comic. Dark comics also entail emotional control, which makes the comics more impactful.

Scroll below and see for yourself!

You can check more of his work on his Instagram page.

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1. All the hard work for what?

2. It was not a scam!


This is why we are being told to always believe in ourselves and have faith in our fate. We are all deserving of good things!

3. Not an appropriate response!


4. The worst kiss…


Um, did they run into the mirror or what?

5. It was nothing dark or mysterious, just a wild cat.


Those damn wild cats! They ruin your face and cover you with scratches. Others keep wondering if you were beaten or involved in anything malicious, but it was just your stupid cat being wild.

6. Dog to the rescue!


7. Jack asked the wrong person for a pony.


Woah, Satan works so fast. No wonder why the world is falling into destruction so fast.

8. A disappointment to the family.


9. And we all thought Santa was a good man…


Guys, I think we would not be getting our presents on Christmas this year.

10. Out of all moments, this should not be the one during which you take a break🤣.


This doctor took the concept of “break” a bit too far. This reminds me of the idea of self-love and self-care on social media. We should always take out time for ourselves, but not at the expense of others!

11. Love makes your body do stupid things. Heart attack is one of them!

12. The beautiful life of vultures!


Honestly, I still cannot believe that vultures prey on us. They are the scariest animals that exist. Since childhood, their deadly faces and creepy bodies make every kid scream.

13. LOL!

I honestly think everyone should invest in a VR Set. This world has become too expensive. You cannot afford everything. It is better to just imagine it.

14. Fair godmother is not as pure as we thought her to be.


Damn, people really turn out opposite of what we expected them to be.

15. Chef helping the tribal people while they BBQ him.

16. Under the covers😢


17. Poor cat!

18. Worst last wish!


19. Recruiting kids for veganism!

20. What did poor Lindsay do to deserve this?

21. Defeated!

22. Jerry’s brain is not that powerful after all.


23. No judgments allowed.

24.  There’s always one person in the relationship who cares more.

25. They move on so fast!

26. He doesn’t need sex, he needs his taxes done.

27. Oh, he meant “peer pressure”.


28. Oh no.

The artist was not lying when he said he likes his comics with an unpredictable ending.

29. Thoughts of an unusual Gen-Z.

30. Pride!

The comics not only have dark humor but also have valuable lessons in some of the comics. The artist shows his support for the LGBTQ community in one of the comics. His comics also show how people hide their realities from the world and are living completely different lives under covers. These takeaways become special with the humor mixed with them. Humor makes everything more impactful.

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