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These Comics Explain Why It Is Perfectly Okay For A Woman To Not Want Kids

It is okay to not have kids.

I have no idea why this has become a part of societal pressure. That a woman has to have kids and live the life that everyone deems normal. I understand that this is a sort of a self-preservation thing giving birth so future generations don’t die out. However, we are not cavemen anymore. Life has progressed from just caring about whether you breed or not.

There are many things that can be fulfilling except having a family. And yet most parents practically force their children to have kids just so they can have grandchildren. Many ould say not becoming a parent is selfish and yet is it not more wrong to have a kid and then not care for them properly?

Anxiety has always been a part of my life. In the past, it has held me back and frustrated me. But through comics, I found a way to turn my frustration into communication. I’ve learned to see the humor in embarrassing moments and to be kinder to myself.

I create these comics hoping to connect with anyone affected by anxiety and to help others understand it a little better. Thanks for taking a look! -Kate

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I can’t believe we even need a comic to explain this.

Some people want to stay independent and not have to be responsible for another human being.


Why is it so weird to not want kids? Shouldn’t it be the individual’s choice?


Aren’t we supposed to know ourselves better than others? And yet we are forced to believe their truth.


It’s not at all wrong to not wanna be a mother. Society shouldn’t pressure anyone.


Not wanting kids has nothing to do with liking children or not.


People who say they don’t want kids don’t mean they hate them. These things are not mutually exclusive.

At the end of the day, just let people be.


Nobody has any business telling others whether they should be parents or not.


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