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Contractor Threatens Couple When They Refuse To Sell Their Land, Gets “Throat Punched Repeatedly” By Fines

After using intimidating techniques to convince them to sell their property, a housing developer is facing fines and legal action.


When u/naiasonod and his wife purchased a lovely piece of property “out in the sticks,” they decided to go all out. They engaged an architect to design their dream home and customised it to their specifications. Before they moved on and let their modest dream home become a rental, it was “[their] fantasy home for several years.” The choice to relocate came quickly… When a major housing developer came out to the boonies sniffing about for a location to create their next suburban nightmare. The developer swiftly purchased all of the homes in the region and began gentrifying it. They approached the couple and asked if they would sell their property, which they continually declined. When the developer checked into the couple’s finances, he discovered they were living considerably below their means. They started looking for various ways to force the couple to give up their land or join their dreadful HOA. This includes sending threatening letters to their new residents.

The developer was about to create a can of worms that they would come to regret. Continue reading for the rest of the tale.

1. This couple wanted to get their dream house designed and started working on it

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2. The couple bought a pretty nice half-acre lot to build a house on

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3. It was made sure by the lawyer that no Homeowners association should be a hindrance to the process

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4. OP and his wife moved to the new neighborhood and started living their life in their dream home 

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5. A company bought everything in the neighborhood and started building new on old therefore tearing up the old properties

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6. Now the HoA being installed was a threat to the new home of OP and his house and they knew what was coming 

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7. The company knew that they would not be able to price them out on taxes therefore they started harassing them but soon got called off

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8. The company started sending face eviction notices to the couple and then they got the lawyer and police involved, sent them a formal notice which wasn’t responded

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9. When the lawyer from both parties talked, it was brought upon by their lawyer that the matter shall be taken to court. And here’s what happened next

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10. The court disclosed everything about the fake company that had build fifty one illegal homes that were inspected 

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11. So that’s how the developed got throat punched. Ten grand were given to them as settlement which they passed to the tenants of the home

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12. Seems to be possible 

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13. It’s a smart suggestion

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14. So this was the case, there was no NDA

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15. Only when caught, unfortunately..

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16. There goes another Ryan.. that’s hilarious 

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17. Last comment is hilarious, must-read that one 

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18. Classic action lawsuit time 

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19. Welcome to gentrification and how poor people get kicked to poorer areas

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Cheezburger Image 9665546496

21. This edit is literally making me angry, definitely not Ryan Homes needs to go to jail 

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22. That seems about understandable 

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