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50 Creepiest Toy Design Fails That Will Give You Nightmares

It doesn’t matter whether you are a grown-up or a kid, anyone can be attracted to a toy. It’s all about what type of toy we are talking about as everyone has their own preferences. Toys are designed carefully to intrigue kids or even adults. However, kids absolutely love playing with toys and you will find a wide range of them in the market, or on the internet. Being a parent, you know the struggle of buying a toy for your kid, because once you enter the aisle of toys in the market, there’s no returning back. If you try to come back home without buying these things for your kid, you know what happens next!


Anyway, while looking for toys, you might have come across some of the items that don’t look normal. These items are so awful that even grownups wonder if these toy designs were done on purpose or by accident. We have compiled a list of some hilarious toy design fails that are bound to make you laugh. Not only they are weird but also kinda creepy as well. So, are we ready? Let’s start scrolling!

1. The creepiest doll in the history of the doll’s collection!

Via foolwiththefez

This wife showed the creepiest doll in her collection and this husband was not prepared to see it.

2. Don’t tell me that’s a Garfield? !???

Via miragonz

3. A perfect toy for doctors!

Via darkman21

4. Mario, you okay???

Via greggobbard

5. Woody is already fed up with his life!


6. I’m definitely not filling air into this thing.

Via kiralkira


Via ksigler

8. Pikachu during lockdown!

Via lurkingupvotetroll

9. Pikachu got cheeky eyes!

Via Sunflake685

10. What the hell is that thing?

Via theblondepenguin

11. That is one creepy train.


12. What is this supposed to be? A duck?

Via theblondepenguin

13. That’s an old Baby Yoda!

Via nickflemens

14. What’s so funny, Nemo?

Via nickflemens

15. Looks like Dobby is drunk!

Via squish-squish-beep

16. Cat-woman…?

Via matt2709

Someone found this creepy toy in the local pet shop.

17. Well, that’s a cool toy!

Via angelbossrussell

This is a bear anatomy toy for kids.

18. Constipated Train.


19. Never Ever Buy These Vintage Clowns!!!

Via Contrariwise2

20. There’s a demon inside this teddy!


21. Woody, staring directly into your soul!

22. Why are you so confused, Batman?

Via lionhearttwb

23. The faces you make when you do something wrong and your parents question you about it.

Via ohanamode

24. This lego got a troll face!

Via kitherarin

25. What made these poor souls hang like this???

Via MrGohan26

26. Meet Crystal Spider-man!

Via Rombit

27. Looks like some chubby kid sat on this horse.

Via penina999

28. Did anyone notice the kid?

Via RadiantDoughnut0

29. Wonder woman would be so pissed.


30. This Pikachu wants to play with you!

Via Bearlock_Gnomes

31. What’s the purpose of this creepy egg here?

Via sgraff25

32. Just imagine, this crochet doll walking at night in your room.

Via Cleoschrochetart

This is Emily, a doll made of crochet.

33. Well, that’s not a creepy dog. It’s a dentist’s prop.

Via bhughey24

34. Weird Simpson Toy!

Via IsaacTheAverage

This is Homer Simpson, a strange Chinese Bootleg. Don’t know whether this toy was legally manufactured or not.

35. The Exorcist toy!

Via Kredstarr2020

This guy found this creepy The Exorcist toy and threw it away.

36. “Meat” on ambulance??? But why???

Via Tovmachnyk

37. Gosh… what were they even thinking?

Via mfkncrazy

38. It’s the best gift for Halloween!

Via diving_bride

This guy found this creepiest toy at his friend’s house in Bushwick.

39. Why this Simpson family is so high?

Via MarX_64

40. A sad eerie bear wants your hug!

Via Scarlet_Tempest

41. The lightning made this toy creepier!


This toy was the favorite toy of an 8-9 years old girl.

42. Is that a Spongebob or a minion?

Via RamlethalKu

43. A Cursed Mermaid!

Via killltheclown

44. Sheriff Woody after lockdown!

Via Minifig81

45. Let it go, Elsa!

Via Shadow___Star

46. Dentist’s props are the creepiest!

Via milespile

While waiting for the dentist, this guy was seated on the chair, and this eerie toy kept looking at him. Its purpose is to teach children how to brush their teeth.

47. Hell no, don’t play with this baby!

Via Y_aa

48. The moment you realize that something is wrong here.

Via AdrianMHM

49. This eerie rabbit looks like a serial killer!


50. Ugliest Mrs. Potato Head!

Via Familiar_Big3322

Do you have any of these creepy toys? If yes, then don’t forget to share the picture of your toy with us in the comments area below!


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