17 Creepy Photos That Can Make Anyone Scared Of Being Alone At Home

Do you think you’re brave enough? Let’s see!

Staying all by yourself at home can be a scary task and it gets even worse when your mind doesn’t shut off and keep visualizing scary stuff, right? It’s like even if there’s nothing actually to be scared of, your mind will keep convincing you that there IS something. For instance, you will feel that someone’s watching you or if you will close your eyes while putting shampoo on your head, you’ll feel that someone’s standing behind you!


We bet you can relate to these scenarios and it’s okay because a majority of the people feel that way but the real question is, WHY? What’s the reason? Well, it’s these horror movies and scary stuff that we see or read on the internet every day. Things would have been different if these things were not engraved into our minds and then we MIGHT not have been scared of being alone in the house. Anyways, our today’s agenda is to show you a list of 17 pictures that are bound to scare you and after going through these pictures, you definitely wouldn’t want to stay alone in the house! Are you ready? Start scrolling!

1. This girl decided to take a selfie but little did she know that there’s an entity which has turned itself into her!

via © TinyPurpleElephant / Reddit

2. After this picture was taken, this guy got sick and couldn’t ever face the camera again!

via © psy419 / imgur

3. Always cover your windows.

via © Clefugly / imgur

4. This girl decided to prank her parents and…

via © Chumbledor / Reddit

5. There were only two people in the apartment. This little girl and her mother…

via © rmarino817 / imgur

6. Can you spot it?

via © Xaniel / izismile

7. Chucky is in the room

via © Mis amigos creepy

8. A couple decided to take a picture of their kids…sitting on the chair. That girl appeared from nowhere.

via © mmesny / Pikabu

9. Be careful, this one is going to scare the sh*t out of you as soon as you will see it.

via © CheSerP / pikabu

10. Someone’s watching them.

via © AL3XEITOR / twitter

11. The TV wasn’t working..

via © SPOOKY PICS / twitter

12. God, that is messed up!

via © Garry Fields / twitter

13. Don’t sit there…

via © HoldMyHandAndDick / Reddit

14. This guy was not supposed to be on my birthday

via © imgur

15. Someone else decided to pose for the picture too

via © happybubby / Reddit

16. This guy printed his face on the jar…

via © Spiderjohns / Reddit

17. “I told you to throw the trash out, not me”

via © 4minute_warning / Reddit

You must be wondering that the last picture wasn’t even scary and it was irrelevant, right? Well, that is just to calm down your senses because after watching spooky or horror stuff, you always try to calm your mind by diverting your attention. Anyways, which one of these pictures crept you up the most? Let us know down in the comments section.



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