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30 Terrifying Pictures That Will Give You Chills

No doubt nature has blessed us with beautiful things, but also some very terrifying things.

Nature is something very complex. Science is still trying to understand it completely, I think everyone still is. The fact that amazes me the most is how effortlessly nature pulls off so much. From the beautiful mountain ranges to deep gorgeous forests, to everlasting deserts, nature has blessed us with so much. I mean look at the way the hottest of days suddenly turn cold, humidity turns into a hailstorm, you just cannot compete with nature when it comes to grace us with its perfection. But, nature is not all about beauty and positivity, nature can be absolutely terrifying as well.


Just like nature has created a 30,000 feet tall mountain, it has also created the most terrifying spiders, 20 feet long snakes, and more creepy stuff. And it gets even worse when you unexpectedly are met with these terrifying things in nature. Naturally, when you come across such things, you run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. And then they tell everyone what they had just witnessed and nobody tends to believe them as there is no picture proof of the occasion.

Some people, however, don’t run off when they meet such terrifying things, instead, they take pictures to save the moment so that everyone can see for themselves how horrific nature can be. Thanks to all those people from around the internet, we are now going to be looking at some of the most horrific and creepy things in nature.

Scroll down below for a proper creepypasta.

1. This was found in an eagle’s nest. She must’ve had a delicious day.

Image source: Jack Hoopia

2. A tent infested by uncountable spiders. I hope nobody was inside.


Image source: AKE.Theeranan

3. This person who was busy playing video games heard some thuds on the window to his left. Upon checking, he saw a freakin bear looking at him.


You know it’s all okay until you make eye contact.

Image source: JulesGirth

4. This is a Stygian Owl. They are known for having red reflective eyes and are often linked to the devil himself.


Image source: massimo_bragi

5. Oh my god, this is that terrifying scene we have all seen in our horror dreams at least once.


Image source: Valuablegemphoto

6. This creepy hand is a fungus famously known as “Dead Man’s Fingers”. I want to puke.


Image source: northwalesmushrooms

7. Man kept feeling tickles in his ear while he had his earmuffs on. He took them off to check what’s up and found a massive spider in one of the cups.


Image source: olsta05

8. This massive wasp nest grew around a flood light on top of the garage. Makes it look like the garage has an evil face that no one wants to look at.


Image source: John Sharp

9. This person found a water leak in the living room and ended up in the attic investigating where it came from. Before he could find the source of the leak, he found a massive snake’s skin. Looks like he is not alone.


Image source: lvnwk

10. Thanks to the low temperatures in North America, Lake Michigan actually ended up shattering into little pieces of ice.


Image source: bissell2300

11. I have never seen a Jaguar underwater. This photographer is very gutsy to take the chances.

Image source: brookimage

12. Looks like someone spotted aliens.


Image source: AeliosZero

13. Brother you need to pack up and leave this country before that snake comes down.

Image source: madethisjustforpewds

14. The most terrifying image ever until you notice the eyes. Looks like he has no control over the flight and is about to crash.


Image source: gynoceros

15. I have seen eels, even eaten some. But after looking at this crazy eel, I am never getting near one.

Image source: NeverShortedNoWhore

Oh my god, I actually had to turn the lights on, in my room, to continue. These images are so terrifying. Like, how on Earth did these people manage to capture them. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have had the guts to stay, capture the picture, and then leave. I would’ve just ran off like I was Flash, from these things. Super creepy, this post is giving me shivers.

I hope you guys can feel the feelings I am feeling right now. It’s a treat for all those who are into this kind of stuff.

16. An alligator with extra melanin sitting next to one who has none of it.


Image source: snakebytestv

17. Here’s an improvisation of something we saw earlier. This person felt something furry in their headphones. Turns out it was a bat.

Image source: soulhacler

18. Ocean kicked this Angler Fish out. Perhaps, the ocean was terrified of the fish as well.


Image source: Ben Estes

19. 750 degrees? That’s hot. Normal snails are so cute, these ones are not so much.

Image source: nightexcision

20. He swallowed an entire crocodile right before this person’s eyes.


Image source: ArtofFlaneur

21. How are these people sitting so casually in the presence of those creepy coconut crabs?!

Image source: diarioinstante

22. If I ever see a Moose in fog, I would die of a heart attack.


Image source: Coral Cartwright

23. The is the world’s largest caterpillar. He looks like he can eat anyone alive but surprisingly, is completely harmless.

Image source: Berdarien

24. Oh my god why is the camera so close to that Emerald Boa? These people are crazy. Just kill it and run away.

Image source: Ultimategrid

25. When the poop is right on the edge and a water snake comes out of the toilet to say hi. The person did manage to take the dump…in his pants.

Image source: TheEerieZeroQueen

26. Good luck opening that door, person.


Image source: Christine Jones

27. The Wallago Attu Catfish’s teeth are making me feel nauseous.


Image source: otp1144

28. The Creatonotos gangis moth unfurling its “hair-pencils” to spread pheromones.

Image source: BoredPanda26

29. This Mantis is known as the Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis. These are the kind of creatures you think will crawl out of hell to drag us all in.


Image source: bugsandnaturethings

30. Hungry Huntsman spider stole some bacon and nobody could do anything about it.

Image source: Maerdoch

I am not sure if “I hope you guys enjoyed it” would be the right statement to use here, but these images certainly did get my adrenaline rushing. I also might have peed myself a little.

How do you guys feel after this one? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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