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30 Extremely Creepy Trypophobia Moments Shared By People And May Ruin Your Day

We all have phobias that make us brick ourselves.

If someone tells you they fear nothing, they are probably lying or they fear that people make fun of that person if they declare what they fear the most, and that is their fear. One could fear anything like there are no boundaries or limitations on that. You must have heard this word phobia. Phobias are extreme or irrational fears. The reason why we call them irrational is that there is no logic or reasoning behind why a certain person fears that thing. Phobias are mainly divided into 3 broad categories. First is Specific phobia, which is the most common one out of the three. This phobia focuses on specific objects or things. The second is Social phobia, which can cause a lot of anxiety and stress in public settings. And lastly, Agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is a fear of being all by yourself in public places from where escape is not that easy. Mazes, for example.


Some of the most common phobias are acrophobia; fear of heights, arachnophobia fear of spiders, aerophobia; fear of flying, and there are many more. A very uncommon phobia and I am not kidding about this, is the fear of holes or patterns that are closely packed. People get triggered and start getting extremely anxious when they see a lot of holes in a single place. The phobia is called “Trypophobia”. I am a victim of this phobia as well. Whenever I see a lot of holes together, I suddenly get a headache, become nauseous, and start vomiting.

Today is going to be a tough day because we are going to look at some unexpected Trypophobia moments captured by the general public and shared with the internet. In fact, there is an entire Reddit thread dedicated to this fear. People share the most triggering and weirdest Trypophobia moments on r/trypophobia. The subreddit has over 80,000 members.

For those who actually have Trypophobia, I would suggest you guys enjoy some of my other articles which would seem way more fun to you. I will count till three.

Let’s begin. Scroll down below to view the most common phobias you have never heard of before. Unless of course, you have it.

1. Extreme close-up of pin feathers on pigeons.


2. “The beekeeper forgot to put the frame in his hive, so the bees just freestyled, building a structure that would best handle temperature and ventilation.”



3. This tomb ceiling in Iran.



4. This Woodpecker”s acorn stash in a granary tree could trigger anyone’s trypophobia.



5. Wasps building a nest in pyrex.



6. Never knew beehives could grow this big. That’s wild!


mcrabb23 2

7. Imagine a person who has trypophobia and hasn’t eaten anything through their day, gets served this bread.



8. “Seashell piece I found on the beach.”

Please keep that away from me.



9. That’s an actual fruit? I’d pass!



10. I thought that was spaghetti until I zoomed out to find out it’s a burned tree.



11. This has ruined crocs for me…forever.


12. So this is the Grandmaster who generated this fear in our hearts and he is back to victimize more innocent lives.



13. Beech Orange Mushroom.


14. Fam if I ever encounter that thing…



15. This is a Surname Toad. Believe it or not, they give birth out of their back.


It takes heart to get over fears, guys. It is not easy at all. Other than trypophobia I have got Nyctophobia. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night and for some reason my tiny little defused little isn’t working (which helps me sleep because I cannot sleep in dark), I start panicking and my heart rate rises. There have been instances where I start screaming. So yeah, fears are real and we shouldn’t make fun of anyone for it because it is a very natural phenomenon to be afraid of something. We all have fears.

Anyways, ready to be grossed out again? Scroll down below for some more trypophobia moments.

16. South Shore Vet Clinic: “This tick has been hanging around for us to show people for a while. After months in a sealed container with no additional feeding, she laid eggs. This gives you an idea of how long a tick can be dormant and how many eggs one female can lay.”



17. Beans after they have been left in the microwave for a while.

A very nice idea to give anxiety to a person who has a fear of closely packed patterns. But given that I am one of them, I disapprove.


18. It was snowing.



19. “My 4-year-old daughter’s artwork. Those red circles are “the holes where his hair comes out..”


20. That is some crazy artwork but I can’t help but notice those holes getting ready to suck my soul.



21. A lotus root inside a lotus root. We call that trypophobia but with a multiplier effect.


22. A not-so-yummy pizza dough.



23. Okay that’s not too bad, right? I could live with that.

If only it doesn’t grow one night and suck me into another multiverse.


24. That is disturbing…


25. “This wrinkly mold I found growing in a bowl outside.” I think you should bomb it.


26. When you open the wrong can in which you had trapped your fears.



27. A trypophobic’s nightmare!



28. Here is a skull being enveloped in limestone.

What the…


29. “Some eggs I found in the garden.”



30. “I ate too many candies, and my tongue decided to shed a layer.”

Are you telling me these holes, they live within us? Where can I find some acid?


I told you to view these at your own risk. You guys will have to take my word on this but I am very nauseous right now. But this is about us, and those who don’t have Trypophobia may have actually found this interesting. Let us know what you guys thought scrolling through these images. Do you have any fears? Share with us in the comments section down below. No one’s judging you here.


What do you think?