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21 Ridiculously Cringeworthy Things People’s Bosses Actually Said To Them

Almost all of us have experienced horrible bosses moments in which they are saying bizarre and awful things to their employees. And those who haven’t experienced it yet are quite lucky to escape such a scenario. These awful cringeworthy moments can take place from sexually harassing an employee to bosses saying such things that can make you truly hate them.

Such bosses come in all shapes and forms. While some are outright selfish and corrupt, others consistently say the worst things about their staff. Nevertheless, there is a whole class of bosses entirely who are just horrible people and manage to make every day seem like an everlasting misery. Whatever you do for them, no matter how much you work tirelessly or how much honest you are with your work. They will still find a perfect way to ruin your whole day.

So here we have compiled such cringe-worthy things that people’s bosses actually said to them and you are going to be stunned that how these poor people even sustain themselves with such bosses around. Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you guys and gals read it till the end so you people can be ready and know what to say if you ever get caught up in such a situation.

1. You have to bring a death certificate in order to have a leave


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2. Area manager is such a pervert


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3. Wait, what you gotta be kidding me?


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4. You have to choose between the job and god the choice is yours


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5. This is hilarious but do consider the level of emotional damage that the employee had to go through


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6. These bosses are horrible bosses


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7. Boss is like time to hire a robot at least they don’t die

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8. I am stunned I cannot believe that she actually said it to her


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9. But boss he is British

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10. Believe me you don’t need to set foot in that store, OP made a wise decision.


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11. Does this boss even have feelings?

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12. Your sexuality makes me uncomfortable


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13. These bosses are less bosses but more comedians

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14. What do you mean by a towel on the head? It’s called Hijab.


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15. Congratulations you have been selected to die by a very miserable way

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16. Pure embarrassment level 101


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17. And they never talked again

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18. TIme to do something about these bosses


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19. What in the heck is a bubbly personality?

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20. Savage


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21. Pass me a spoon I have to eat a banana in a room full of men

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Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below and feel free to share your horrible experiences with your boss if you have one. We truly hope that you don’t have one but if you do then do share. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more content. Thank You!


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