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Crows Brings Gifts For This 8-Year-Old Girl Who’s Been Feeding Them Since She Was 4

Feeding and caring for animals is a joy known to some.

It is difficult to understand people who don’t like animals and birds, even more when they are scared of them! People like me on the other hand would stop our car in the middle of the road if we saw an abandoned animal or a bird in need of food and water. Not just that we would give them our own food if they’d eat it.


Such caring and sensitive people are hard to come by. Surprisingly, this 8 year-old girl, Gabi is one of them. She has been feeding crows in her neighborhood since she was 4 and the crows have become so close to her that they started bringing her little tokens of appreciation from here and there.

This is Gabi feeding the crows in her neighborhood.

The crows got so fond of her that they brought her little gifts.


She received all kinds of unusual yet shiny things such as scraps of metal, buttons, LEGO pieces and stones of different kinds. Basically anything and everything that they found that would fit in their beaks.

It was probably their way of thanking her for the love and all the food.


Ever since, Gabi has been collecting the stuff and labeling her favorite ones.


Some of her favorites include a heart shaped bead and a small piece of metal written “best” on it. “I don’t know if they still have the part that says ‘friend’”, she says.

As special as the crows are for her, their presents mean even more.


They even found the long lost camera lens cap and returned it to Gabi’s mother.


Is this totally sweet or what? Do you think about the stray birds and other animals that roam outside in search for food? Tell us in the comments below how you try to help them.


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