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Customer Gets Mad When The Employee Gave Them Extra Time, So They End Up Getting Less

What an engrossing tale of petty vengeance. We adore seeing a tale on the internet about a boss that is truly ready and eager to stand behind their employee when they need it the most. In this case, Redditor u/LoiGrimm described r/PettyRevenge about their day-to-day trucking work, which involved picking up items from customers along a certain route. There was no problem – except for one customer who developed the unpleasant habit of over-preparing for their arrival, wasting everyone’s time and blaming it on our original poster. The OP in this case became so frustrated that they stopped caring about efficiency and began arriving at this customer on time and departing on time. When the consumers sought to protest OP’s manager, they cited the contract that everyone signed, concluding that OP was correct.

We’ve all heard stories of unscrupulous bosses and psychotic executives who should never have been in positions of power in the first place. But, for the first time, we have a manager who genuinely believes in their employee. Let’s make this the new trend, world: it would be beneficial to all of us. Read the full story below.

1. OP works as a trucker for deliveries with the same clients for over many years. Clients have deadlines for delivery pickups which sometimes can be late due to traffic but OP manages

Font - r/pettyrevenge + Join u/LoiGrimm · 23h A customer was mad I gave them extra time so I gave them less I'm (31m) a trucker for a parcel shipping company and my main job is to pick up parcels from big customers and haul it back to the terminal for distribution. I've been doing this for about 7 years now and I'm very good at my job. I have a set route every day and the same customers. They have a deadline for pickup, which is stated in a contract. But trafic is unreliable and sometimes stuff

2. A customer is always late despite the extra time given to them. They usually come when the truck is closing and ready to go, it seems they don’t do justice with extra time

Font - I have a customer who is set to be picked up from lets say 17.00 every day. Because l'm a very efficient driver | rarely need to be there before 17.30 to be in time for my next customer. Which gives them extra time to pack orders as they are still open until about 19 in the evening. There are no other trucks incoming at the time so l'm not blocking anything. Extra time should be good right? Except they have this annoying habit of never being finished on time and even when they see me load


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3. It always happens that this customer calls OP to come to pick up a pallet that has been left behind. Despite getting extra time nd calls whenever late, they never seem to be finished on tie and later complain OP for it

Font - And sometimes when I get there they are not. There will be a finished pallet ready for me but no people. No problem though, I just load up and leave. Usually about 10 to 15 minutes later they then call me to say I "forgot" a pallet and need to turn around. That they can't be expected to be done cause they never know when I arrive. I always arrive within a 15 minute window. Every day. If I'm later I call them. They have extra time and they still can't be finished on time. And try to blame


4. OP got infuriated at this and started to arrive at the scheduled time but still the customer did not comply

Font - I got so tired of it I went back to arriving exactly at my scheduled time. And leaving on time. They weren't finished? Too bad, I have the contract on my side. They agreed to it and signed it. They then tried to call my boss and complain because now I left almost 30 minutes earlier than before. But he's awesome and just said 'though luck, not my problem' 3.1k 41 ↑, Share


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