35 Times Customer Service Workers Got Revenge On Rude Customers Through Passive Aggressive Means

Never be rude to customer service workers unless they’re wrong or don’t admit to their mistakes.

Not all jobs are easy and some jobs take a toll on their employees more than others. The toll can be either mental or physical or in some circumstances both. Showing common human decency is no hard work and trying not to be rude to service workers should be a common ethic, however, sometimes situations do escalate and people do lose their minds over the minor inconveniences but to that we say, Take a deep breath and let it out slowly because if you’re only going to be rude on the giving end, that rudeness can come to you from the receiving end as well. No one appreciates rudeness and customer service workers unfortunately already have it worse, making their lives even more miserable is not a good thing to do. So today, we bring you 35 times customer service workers got back at rude customers through passive-aggressive means.


1. Worked for AppleCare and have flagged customers accts as “do not assist” so they could never get help from Apple again.

danijoe17,Amir Hosseini


2. ”They are getting the hotel room right next to the elevator or the room with triplets.”



3. ”Leave a sensor at the very bottom of their bag so LP would have to search it for 5 minutes at the door.”


docmart10,Sam Lion


4. Face slammed to the door. Nothing beats this.




5. A trickster.


Chloe Pritchard


6. Impatience got the worst of this woman.




7. This guy knows how to defuse a situation.




8. The only way to get back at Karens.




9. ”I put unsalted fries in their bag but put a few salted ones on top so they wouldn’t know until it was too late.”


peterparkwe,Nathan Dumlao


10. This is a long one.




11. The perfect way to go about things.



12. ”I work at Walmart in the pickup department. Let’s just say never honk or yell at us or else your order will be the last order we take out.”


alyssasalazar19,Mike Mozart


13. ”I worked in a college bookstore and whenever someone was rude I would get them the used copies in the worst condition.”

mairzy.doats,Pauline Loroy


14. Fight fire with fire.




15. ”Ex Dunkin employee here: decaf, no questions asked. But when the frosting in the donuts was melty, I would put it in the bag upside down.”

kaitlynmsprague,Mike Mozart


16. What every kid used to do back in school.




17. This is pure evil.



18. Be this person if they’re rude to you.




19. ”This might get me cancelled in the vegan community. But here we go. I was working at the movies. I was a cook there. This lady brought back her burger. She said it was cold. I never have a problem, I’ll remake the meal. It’s how she told me her food was cold. She said, “This is what happens when they employ Mexicans”. She proceeds to tell me she has been vegan for over 30 years, and to make sure that no animal product touches her food. Oh, I remade the burger. I grilled her black bean burger over some nice bacon grease. And I’ll do it again.”

areallygoodjoke,Miha Rekar


Have fun going through the list. We can assure you that a lot of people have to deal with rude customers all day long and getting back at them in clever ways is the most funniest and satisfying thing there could be, Scroll down below for even more passive-aggressive ways people dealt with rude customers.


20. ”So I don’t recall if it was 1998 or 1999, yes, it was a long time ago, but there was an Oscar De La Jolla fight and I was doing tech support at the Cox Communications, a local cable company. Someone called in really frantic saying, “Hey, I have a house full of people and all this food that I bought for the fight and it’s not working”. And I was like, “Sure, no problem. Let me go out and get it taken care of”. Did my little thing send a signal to the box. Everything came up. I hear a cheer in the background, “Oh, yeah, it’s on, it’s on its on”. So the guy on the phone was like, “Alright, man, it’s on, it’s on. What’s your name?”. When I say “Oh, my name is Javier”. He goes “Oh, thanks a lot, you f*****g spik”. So I immediately turned that fight off, refunded the money and put notes in the account so that nobody would turn the fight back on. I checked the next day and he called multiple times. Absolutely nobody turned that fight on. I win”


javi_has_beer,Lisa Brank


21. ”Christmas Eve 2017 I am six months pregnant, waddling my fat a** around the store. And I’m trying to help this woman and it turns out we don’t have in stock what she wants and she just starts losing her f*****g s**t, because we’ve ruined her Christmas by not having the item in stock. We’d had it since September., she’d just waited till Christmas Eve to get it, but whatever. She even took digs at my unborn child, like what the f**k? After she left, we realized she’d left behind a bunch of shopping she’d done at other stores. And I could see her she was still just outside the store. I could have watered my fat pregnant a** that she just insulted out to go give her bags back. But I didn’t. Instead I took them to center management that were closing in five minutes time, which means whatever was in those bags, she didn’t get back until Boxing Day. You want to accuse me of ruining Christmas I’ll do it properly, b***h”

ashy_anne_,Any Lane


22. So I used to work at a grocery store. And if you’ve ever worked at or been to a grocery store, you know that sometimes people pay with EBT. Snap, food stamps, because food costs money and people need help sometimes. Anyway, one such customer is in the store, and she’s paid for her food, she’s gonna go back and you have to bag it yourself. She’s bagging groceries over here. New customers in front of me. She’s paying for her stuff. She hands me her card as she does so she says loud enough for other people to hear her “I’ll be paying with my own money, because I have a job”. And I swipe her card. And in what I can only describe as an act of divine justice, the card gets declined. And normally I’m pretty delicate and quiet like, “Hey, your card got declined”, I don’t want to embarrass anybody. But this day, I was loud and proud, “Ma’am, your card has been declined”


crlstrrs,Anna Tarazevich


23. The perfect way to get back at cops.



24. This one’s funny.




25. ”So I worked for Starbucks for about seven years before I finally left. And if someone was really, really rude to me, I would do a very minor thing to make their beverage so much better. Like with a frappuccino, I blend it with cold brew, or other little tips and tricks like to give them a better-tasting drink. Because the next time they go to order their beverage, they’re going to order it the exact same way and they will never get a drink as good as they did that one time. They will not know what was wrong with it. They will not know what the difference was, and they will never be able to have a drink that tastes that good ever again. And that makes me satisfied.”



26. ”Back in my server days: if a customer was TERRIBLE we’d say table so and so needs attention. All the servers would stop by that table and ask if they needed anything or randomly bring things by asking if they needed it… THE WHOLE REST OF THEIR MEAL. Go ahead and complain that the staff was extra nice. P.S. there were up to 15 servers on shift.”




27. ”Let me paint you a picture. It’s the opening day of “Avengers End Game” at my movie theatre. You can imagine the chaos commencing throughout the entire theatre. And people have been waiting there since 5 am, which made zero f*****g sense to me because we had reserved seating. Whatever, I guess it was just the anticipation of everything, that’s fine, I can understand that. There had I guess, been some miscommunication between a guest and a co-worker and his order was 100% wrong. And that order ended up thrown all over me because of how angry the customer was. Now it was towards the end of the day, so I was like, “Okay, I’m not gonna let this get me”, but then he called me an idiot and a fa**ot. I got f*****g angry, of course. So without even like, skipping the second beat, I said, “Well, this fa**ot is still alive but Iron Man isn’t”. I didn’t get fired and the customer got kicked out.”

drewwciferr,Krists Luhaers


28. A good customer always realises when he’s being rude and apologises.



29. ”In the 60s my dad worked for Eastern Airlines at DCA. Rude customer story: Ticket sold to NYC. Baggage sent to Bombay, India.”


bethcaldwell09,katrien berckmoes


30. ”Sometimes when they asked for butter I give them cold butter even though I have room temperature butter because I know the cold butter will rip up their bread.”

officialtbw,Crazy Cake


31. ”Only fill their foundation samples up less than halfway but flip it upside down first to make it look full.”,cottonbro


32. This is what they deserve for being mad.




33. Excellent way to get back at them.



34. ”If someone is rude to me I make sure to absolutely squish the hell out of whatever food they’re buying as I bag it up.”

starkkinnie,S O C I A L . C U T


35. The sweetest form of revenge.




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