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20 Customers Behaving Like Total Idiots

Working in the services industry can be very stressful.

Although the industry is very successful and generates so much revenue, contributing directly to the world’s total GDP. But working as a servant in the services industry isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. As the boss, yes you can escape all the customer-related hassle but ask the people who are in direct contact with the customers, those people’s lives can often become hell dealing with customers. While there are some very cooperative customers who are sweet, mind their own business, do their purchasing or whatever they want to do, and leave without causing any trouble. But there also exist some very annoying customers who will make sure their stupidity is showcased in front of everyone. before they leave. The pure servers who have to serve such customers have to do everything in their power to not laugh at their dumbness and put on a fake smile and deal with these people even if they are so rude. In some of the images you are going to see, you won’t even believe this level of jerkiness existed in this world. But hey, we all learn something new every day, right?

Today we are going to look at some extremely terrible customers being total idiots.

Scroll down below for some proper dumbness!

1. I think the cashiers should start wearing gloves before handling cash because you never know where it came from.


Source: vacationbeard

2. They are doing the world a greater good by taking out all the “bad” lettuce so everyone else only picks the good one.


Source: heavymetal7

3. These customers tested the spray paints on the floor before buying them.


Source: Madsuperninja

4. Remember that trend where people would open fridges, lick the ice cream, and put them back again? The stores started locking the fridges and putting these signs on them to avoid such acts in the future.


Source: HaseebM1

5. This is how the customer left tip for the waiter. Who even has the time to do this?


Source: LightsSoundAction

6. That’s a cigarette someone put out in a dog dish.


Source: MonsterThumb101

7. I hate it when the customers leave the tables and don’t put all the stuff in one place but this is something else.

Source: illicitz

8. Sir, I am pretty sure your father did not pay for you to sit there like that.


Source: cheddarbobbin

9. This gas station took public shaming to a whole new level.

Source: cheddarbobbin

10. Did I seriously just see a woman with her kid at a s*x shop?


Source: theorangehorns

I hate it when people do such things. I mean, how hard is it to be a good customer. And even if you are doing such stupid things, at least try to do it in a way that others don’t see it but no, these idiots will make sure everyone becomes aware of their stupidity and this is what happens as result, they are publically shamed.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of customers doing stupid things.

11. If you don’t want to give the tip then just don’t give it. What is the point of doing this?

Source: DoomsDaisyXO

12. These customers used all the lipsticks in the name of testing.


Source: Iwantyourtacos

13. A customer actually tried this hairbrush on their dog and put it back as if nothing happened.

Source: NotAnotherGummyBear

14. Burn.


Source: Speedwizard106

15. Let them know!

Source: s1s2g3a4

16. There is nothing wrong with this picture until you realize that the old man is sitting on raw chicken.


Source: RemarkableRyan

17. The clothes were on sale this day.

Source: eherschend

18. They are left with no other option but to shame.


Source: Southernboyj

19. This woman is in an ice machine at a gas station.

Source: taltesar

20. Someone left the bag of frozen chicken here and it dripped on all the stuff under it.


Source: JuliusTweezer

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. We hope you guys haven’t done any of these stupid things as customers but if you have, you are obliged to share your story down below.


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