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These Wholesome Comics About Dad Wolf And Puppy Will Make You Smile

This is based on a true story.

Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. But I am sure all of us have seen dangerous animals taking care of defenseless little babies. It might not make sense but it does happen. And sure, this comic may be a little too sweet but the world needs some sweetness so here we are.


You see, this alpha wolf found am little puppy in the wilds and because of his small size. The wolf knew that he could not care for himself so he slowly but surely started to care for the little pup. This story might be a slow one but it is truly adorable and will leave you wanting more.

And we have the artist Weibo to thank for it. So scroll on below and get ready to read a heartwarming comic.

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#1 It seems like very small trouble.

#2 He’s just a little sleepy.


#3 Okay, that is just adorable.


#4 Looking for a warm place?


#5 All comfortable now.


#6 It seems the wolf is starting to like the little thing.


#7 Well, I guess he’s hungry.


#8 If that wasn’t clear by now.


#9 Time to change gender?


That face will make even the cruelest person crack. I mean how can someone say no to this adorable puppy? I know I certainly can’t.

#10 Hunting is essential in the wild.


#11 Sounds like a plan.

#12 He’s even smaller than the crows.


#13 Protecting your baby eh?

#14 And now he’s enamored by you.


#15 Boop indeed.

#16 It’s a show of affection.


#17 Is that test trying to hide what a big softy he is?

#18 I’d go with the third option.


#19 He isn’t really aware of his surroundings, is he?

I know it’s a puppy and not that intelligent but he should really pay attention to his surroundings. Maybe as he grows up he’ll learn.

#20 Oh no.


#21 A sort of potato I’d say.

#22 But why? He is adorable.


#23 It’s complicated.

#24 He still wants milk though.

#25 Does he look like his child?

#26 Now that is just cruel.


#27 He’ll probably get fat real quick.


#28 100% understood.

#29 Everything will be okay.


#30 I think boz is better than the boss.

The wolf can try to be as cool as he wants. But no matter what he does, we all know he is a big softie underneath with a soft spot for the pup.

#31 When did he get so big?

#32 This is a weird dream.


#33 He’s pulling all of you.

#34 It seems like we are back in reality.

#35 Is it though?


#36 Kids grow up so fast.

#37 Is your mind okay?

#38 It seems he is afraid of the little pup growing up.


#39 You certainly haven’t.

These dreams are probably because he is scared of the puppy growing up too fast. I think every parent goes through this as they want their child to stay a kid forever.

#40 So close to dinner.

#41 His dinner is already here.


#42 Not a toy at all.

#43 He’s just making it worse.

#44 No food for today.


#45 What is his obsession with tails?

#46 Are you sure?

#47 Is someone feeling jealous?


#48 This is called true love.

What did you think of this adorable comic? Did it bring a smile to your face? Comment down below and let us know.


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