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15 Deliciously Adorable Cats That Look Just Like Foods

If you’re a cat parent you’ll obviously know that our feline furiends love dozing off at the oddest places like lazy loaves. Considering their love for sleep, it doesn’t really matter to them where and how they sleep. Cats have pretty much mastered the art of sleeping in all possible ways. They’ll often surprise you by being found resting peacefully in the most uncomfortable places possible. The cat parents do not stay back capturing these cute pet moments to cherish them as long as they can.

Just as we were obsessing over these pet kitties sleeping at the oddest places around the house, we came across another interesting cat-nap department. In the long hours that our feline queens/kings spend sleeping, they get enough time to try some of the funniest and ridiculously weird sleeping positions too. The flexibility a cat’s body holds is the basic reason they are able to bend and twist so easily hereby choosing the strangest positions to sleep in. Cat parents here spotted the most hilarious fact about their sleeping cats, that cats can look like food while sleeping! Insane right?

Without wasting a single minute we brought this cutest yet the most amusing cat collection to your screens. Here’s a compilation of cat pictures who while sleeping appeared to be the tastiest food, just that the color of their fur complimented a little too much to help them look like the yummiest snacks.

Scroll down to witness the most delicious catalicious content which will make you drool!

1. For the love of baked potatoes

2. Steaming hot rotisserie chicken


Fresh out of the oven!

3. Fried egg for breakfast in bed


What a picture-perfect fried egg that is!

4. Fluffiest cinnamon bun in town


5. What a sleepy little kiwi that is!


Why does this kiwi appear to be cuter than the rest?

6. Perfectly shaped Cat-ssant


That perfect curve though

7. Loaf of bread topped with a stick of white butter


A loaf of bread topped with a loaf of kitty

8. A Taco or a Cato?


This Taco surely has our favorite filling

Looking at these delicious cats, you must also be wondering how it is so easy for them to bend so easily while sleeping without hurting themselves. What helps them being this flexible is their spine, which can rotate more than ours can. The disc between their vertebrae are heavily cushioned which protect the spine from getting damaged while these fuzzies curl, bend and twist while sleeping. This sleeping feature is peculiar to our meowing-pets and we are in awe as well as aww!

Keep scrolling to enjoy more of the yummiest cats that are on today’s menu

9. branding on point!


10. Cookies with cream flavored donut for teatime


The sweetest cookie with cream

11. Waffle topped with whipping cream is exactly what I was craving for

12. A whitebread hotdog or a chicken with skin? I am confused


13. The only marshmallow left from last night’s bonfire

Keeping this marshmallow close to my heart furever

14. Bread and butter


15. What’s for dessert? – Brownieee

This one looks like a handsome gentle-cat

After going through these pictures it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cats come in all shapes and sizes but they are equally appetizing and adorable at the same time. Which from the above was your favorite snack? Do let us know in the comments below!


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