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Dog Owners Share Hilarious Reasons Why Their ‘Spoiled’ Dogs Would Not Be Able To Survive In The Wild

These dogs do not know they are dogs.

It is very disturbing and difficult for me to remind myself that dogs actually used to live in the wild before they were domesticated. For some reason, it had totally slipped my mind that it is in their DNA, it is their true nature that they can actually live in the wild. It also just occurred to me why can not my dog survive in the wild if it is in its nature? Well, it is simply because I have extremely spoiled my dog. We all love our dogs so much, we actually treat them like our own babies and we make them spoiled brats. There is nothing wrong with that but there should be a difference between an animal and a human. We should train our dogs to do things they are good at so they can do their dog duties properly. We should not make them too much dependant and slaves to technology like ourselves.


We came across this hilarious Reddit post where every dog owner shared their reasons and thoughts why their dog would not be able to survive in the wild. Their reasons are just as much hilarious as the nature of their dogs, I could not help but laugh which made me realize that my dog can relate to it, too. Keep on scrolling down to read all those funny thoughts people shared about their spoiled dogs…

1. Aww, she sounds like a carefree and fun dog.

Image Credit: grapejelly6

2. Your dog is too innocent to be in the wild.


Image Credit: Vieamort

3. I see, they have attachment issues.


Image Credit: HeyMaetthere

4. I thought only humans used TV to fall asleep quicker.


Image Credit: Dragonpixie45

5. Oh, God. You have got a picky one.


Image Credit: The-Ginger-Lily

6. They both have their unique reasons, totally understandable.


Image Credit: Mina111406

7. Here I thought dogs hated warm weather.


Image Credit: stephapeaz

8. That was…horrible.


Image Credit: Burntoastedbutter

It is all fun and laughs until something as horrible as this story above happens. That is exactly what I fear the most. Dogs are known for their loyalty and overprotectiveness towards their beloved family members. It is in their nature to guard the house, to not let strangers come close and get on the alert mode the second they sense something suspicious. Just like we teach our children the difference between good and bad, dogs should also be trained on the difference between good and bad. Train your dog guys and be safe. Keep on scrolling down to read more hilarious reasons why these spoiled dogs can not survive living in the wild…

9. That sounds like a real problem.


Image Credit: codeplaysleep

10. They sound the exact opposite of each other.


Image Credit: Alfiehar

11. Every small dog acts like that. I need their confidence.

Image Credit: Lucy_WonderWoman

12. Just a dog living her majestic life, no big deal.


Image Credit: genovia4lyf

13. You have got the best of both worlds.

Image Credit: CatpeeJasmine

14. Such a sweetheart!


Image Credit: horsepighnghhh ·

15. Dogs are very intelligent they said…

Image Credit: acceptablemadness

This was amusing but also informative, we should learn from it. Some dogs are not mentally stable for this duty but we all know that it is the real nature of a dog, we should not make them lose their real identity. We need to train dogs for the sake of them losing their true purpose in life and for our safety as well. Would your dog survive in the wild? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments down below…


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