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Photographer Takes Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Before And After Bath

I did not see this coming.

We all look different when we are wet and when we are dry. Especially our hair. After all the texture can change quite a lot when you put water on it. And since a dog’s body is full of hair, they look like different species when they are wet versus when they are dry. So one photographer thought the best way o show the change was the take images of these both scenarios.


You might be thinking what;’s the point of this. To which I will answer what is the point of anything on the Internet. The simplest answer is that it is funny and interesting to see. And when you’re stuck at home during this dreaded lockdown, why not spend a mere 5 minutes in your day looking at adorable doggos.

However, when a dog is bathing, not only do they look different, their expression changes as well. Some dogs love baths while others hate them. Scroll on below and take a look at what happened with the few doggos below.

Source: Facebook | Instagram | serenahphotography

#1 At least he is still happy in both os the photographs.

#2 This one is not too happy with having to deal with wet fur.


Dry Dog Wet dog came about with washing my own dogs. Their personalities change when they know it’s bath time. So I decided to create a series of the different looks and not only personalities but the difference in look from groomed to wet. -Serenah Hodson

#3 I wonder how he gets to see when he isn’t wet?


#4 Awe, That beautiful mane looks like ramen now.


#5 Still standing proud and content.


We get such great texture on the dog when the hair is wet. Some dogs look completely different when wet and this was the joy I wanted to capture. -Serenah Hodson

#6 The head down low signifies a lot.


Although he doesn’t look any different.

#7 He looked like a pageant queen now he looks like a rocker.


Does your dog change when he is taking a bath? Does he love it or hate it? Don’t forget to comment down below and let us know!


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