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50 People Show Beautiful Transformations Of Their Cats By Sharing Before And After Adoption Pics

Cats have been beloved companions to humans for centuries. From their independent nature to their quirky personalities, cats have captured the hearts of many. Unfortunately, not all cats are fortunate enough to have a loving home. Many cats are left to fend for themselves on the streets or in overcrowded shelters. These cats often suffer from malnourishment, disease, and neglect. However, with the power of love, these cats can transform into gorgeous beauties.

The transformation that occurs in cats after being adopted is truly remarkable. Cats that were once scrawny and unkempt can transform into beautiful, healthy animals. This transformation is not just physical, but emotional as well. When cats are adopted into loving homes, they are given the attention and care they need to thrive. This attention and care can have a profound effect on a cat’s emotional well-being.

Cats that have been neglected or abused may be skittish or distrustful of humans. However, with patience and love, these cats can learn to trust and even seek out human companionship. This transformation is truly remarkable and speaks to the power of love and compassion.

One of the most significant transformations that can occur in a cat after being adopted is physical. Neglected cats may suffer from malnourishment, disease, and neglect. These conditions can cause a cat’s coat to become dull and matted, and its eyes to become dull and lifeless. However, with proper care and nutrition, a cat’s coat can become soft and shiny, and its eyes can become bright and full of life.

Another physical transformation that can occur in cats after being adopted is weight gain. Neglected cats may be underweight and malnourished. However, with proper nutrition and care, these cats can gain weight and become healthy and robust. This transformation is not just cosmetic but is essential to a cat’s overall health and well-being.

Emotional transformation is just as significant as a physical transformation. Cats that have been neglected or abused may be skittish or distrustful of humans. However, with patience and love, these cats can learn to trust and even seek out human companionship. This transformation is truly remarkable and speaks to the power of love and compassion.

When cats are adopted into loving homes, they are given the attention and care they need to thrive. This attention and care can have a profound effect on a cat’s emotional well-being. Adopted cats can become more confident, social, and loving toward their new family. They can also become more playful and energetic, which is essential for a cat’s overall health and well-being.

Now that you understand what true love can really do, today we are going to take a look at some before and after adoption pictures of cats just to visualize the power of love after reading abot it.

Scroll down below for some proper wholesomeness.

1. “I rescued a kitten from a bus engine a week ago. He had ringworms, conjunctivitis, an infection in his ears, fleas, and an intestinal parasite. Before vs after.”


Via mape14

2. “99 has an incredible origin story… a feral who was badly burned, but displaying an astonishing will to live.”


Via Single_With_Cat

3. “My beautiful girl Chase was orphaned, and I found her on a busy street in the middle of the road dodging cars. Hence the name Chase. I had to Chase her. Before vs after.”


Via PuzzleheadedTrick69

4. “Bagheera came into the Animal ER I work at. He came in with a broken paw, due to being stuck in a car engine, and needed a home. I couldn’t say no to this little guy.”


Via buffaloearl9

5. “A year ago, someone dumped this sweetheart on the road, and luckily I found her before she was hit by a car. Now, look at my sweet kitty.”


Via audreybrookee

6. “Our neighbors abandoned a cat that was attacked by an adult copperhead but miraculously survived. We adopted him and named him Mister Fluffy.


Via theHermanator119

7. “The day I found him scared and alone taking shelter under my car vs today.”

Via NiCallahan

8. “I found this kitten laying on the ground in a parking lot. We named him Coffee. Needless to say, things have changed.”


Via wapperpopr

9. “I found this little one crying in a sewer grate. I climbed in myself so I could save it.”

Via Breyber12

10. “I found this ginger kitten on the road in 2021. Later on, I found a loving family for him. Now he’s big and strong.”


Via ElectricalTravel1671

11. “I found a scared kitten in Ukraine, and now he is all grown up.”

Via luciferlol_66

12. “Jenny before and after the rescue.”


Via Scarbie,jenny

13. “People ignored her when she was on the streets 2 years ago. Now they are amazed by how much beauty she has to offer.”

Via thehowsph

14. “Bartolito the day he was rescued vs 3 weeks later.”


Via casslomb

15. “I found this 7-month-old kitty hanging around my shop. He was covered in dirt, oil, etc. I decided to bring him home and let him live the life he deserves since he is a good boy.”

Via Particular_Wasabi663

16. “My neighbors saw a cat get hit by a car. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be saved. Then they heard a kitten crying under a shed, and they brought him to me.”


Via ambermackay

17. “1 week as my foster baby vs 3 years old as my handsome rescue Bubba.”

Via evelynpartial

18. “1 year ago, I find this tiny kitten in the middle of the parking lot at my work.”


Via zmeknits

19. “The first day I adopted this abandoned kitty and 48 days later.”

Via kookphoria97

20. “This is Mouse. I found him barely alive by the road a month ago.”


Via stickfriend

21. “She was a feral kitten from the woods next to my house. No one wanted her, but I needed her. Meet Cleo, my new rescue kitty.”

Via Paprika420

22. “My little Dizzy. Someone found him in a field with a few other cats around 6 weeks old and he is about to turn 4.”


Via aamcneil

23. “My foster boy when I first got him in June and now. I am so happy with his progress.”

Via TheKnittyWit

24. “Triple foster kitten’s glow up.”


Via Chaseyy94

25. “Before and after we found Bonnie alone, stuck in a barn with no food or water. He was 7 weeks old.”

Via brujasinpoderes

The transformation that occurs in cats after being adopted is not just beneficial to the cat but to the owner as well. Adopting a cat can be a truly rewarding experience. Seeing the transformation that occurs in a cat after being adopted can be both heartwarming and inspiring. It can also strengthen the bond between a cat and its owner.

Part of me is really happy that these cats made the best transformations of their lives and are now extremely happy to be at their forever homes but then there is also a part within me that feels so sad that these cats had to go through so much abuse and a terrible past. They do so much for us and look what we do to them. Their previous owners were so ruthless with them as if they had no heart. I really do not want to believe such a sector of human beings exists but this is a harsh reality. I am just glad where we have bad people, there also exists good.

To all the superheroes who adopted these cats and provided them with the deserved love and affection, I thank you all. I thank you for doing justice to these cats and I also thank you because we would be nowhere without them. Humans require cats to survive. Period.

Let’s take a look at some more cat transformations after adoption that will truly blow you away and show you the true power of love. Scroll down below to continue!

26. “She is Snowfy, sometimes Fider or Fiddick. I got her in 2020, during the Covid lockdown. I saw her eating cockroaches on the side of the street and decided to adopt her.”


Via thehowsph

27. “Out sweet nugget when we found her and 6 weeks of love and care later.”

Via TotalDivergence

28. “I found Atticus posted on Craigslist for $40 from a farm. This was the best $40 I ever spent on something.”


Via throwawayyourvalues

29. “This is Mochi, she was my first bottle baby. She was the only survivor out of a litter of 5.”

Via demons_soulmate

30. “I found Her in the parking lot of my complex. I heard meowing from the trees. I meowed back, and she came to me.”


Via idonwannasay

31. “I rescued this cat off the street.”

Via alinaesther

32. “She was so sick and tiny, but now she’s happy, healthy, and loves chasing our two dogs around.”


Via jmt20146

33. “When I found Nugget, she was covered in fleas, had an eye infection, and a heart murmur. Now she is big and loves skin scratches.”

Via FlyingBaerHawk

34. “I adopted Mold in 2020. At his previous home, he was terrorized by the dogs and eventually got fleas from them, resulting in dermatitis. Now he is a majestic floof.”


Via Lunatic721

35. “My kitten Rice the day I found him vs today.”

Via copencorn

36. “We found this cat in awful condition on the street and took him to the local vet. Soon after, we found a loving family for this poor boy.”


Via Animalrescueed,Animalrescueed

37. “My custodian discovered these two behind a dumpster.”

Via LuvNLafs

38. “When I got my bottle baby at two weeks, he was full of infections and buggies. Now the only thing he is full of is food and love.”


Via MistressofTradegy

39. “I saved this tiny kitten. He is a thief and stole my heart. I am adopting him now.”

Via Koibetta

40. “One stormy night Lil’ Weezy found us in our garage.”


Via Koala-Kind

41. “Bobby Wobble was a stray who had to be shaved to get the mats out. He has hyperthyroid but is otherwise surprisingly healthy.”

Via CountVowl

42. “They told us it might be cancer, but we adopted her anyways. It turns out she was just stressed out.”

Via Thepandarammer

43. “This is Tima, his previous owners brought him to the vet with pulmonary edema to euthanize. I saw him and decided to help.”

Via ElectricalTravel1671

44. “Seamus was an orphan at 1 week old. Now he is super handsome and spoiled.”

Via Sheku

45. “We found Freyja alone in a parking lot, dirty, and her eyes completely crusted shut. We had to syringe-feed her by hand as she was so little and weak.”

Via a-Black-Hole

46. “When I adopted him vs now.”

Via lighterfire33

47. “I found him in a parking lot and brought him home with me. Now he is sleeping a lot more comfortably.”

Via rorofoshoo

48. “I found this little one shivering and alone behind our house a few months ago. We took her, treated her, and cared for her. Here she is now.”

Via AravasLeopard

49. “It has been one month now since we caught him. He was running around my Dad’s place, and he caught him.”

Via narumitsuu

50. “Geralt’s pictures taken before and after he got adopted.”

Via kozak1337

I don’t think we will ever see a better representation of the true powers of love than these pictures of cats before and after their adoption. Truly remarkable!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!


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“This cat was abandoned and this is his photo minutes after being rescued.”


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