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Photographer Captures Hilarious Faces Of Dogs Trying To Catch Treats Mid-Air

Dogs can have a lot of expressions.

I know that may not be very apparent when you first take a look at them. After all, most dogs usually smile or give you the puppy dog eyes look when they want something or have done something wrong. However, they have many more expressions that are a little more subtle and pass by in a blink of an eye.

Well, not if you have a camera. As it turns out, a good camera can capture the small intricacies in a dog’s expression quite easily. And what do dogs love? Treats of course! So the easiest way to incite excitement in a doggo is to give them a treat. And let’s just say the pictures of these doggos trying to catch treats mid-air is hilarious and magnificent at the same time.

The brain behind this project is Christian Vieler and I have to give props to him for thinking of this idea.

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Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when you can snap the funniest or the cutest dog grins. That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire, and joy.

#1 Trying hard to catch it.


This pooch actually reminds me of Scooby Doo. -MF

#2 His eyes say it all.


#3 What is the white powder?


I think ‘A’ for effort… this face is ADORABLE. -Yvonne Bernal

#4 He is very excited.


#5 Might wanna open your mouth.


That smile you get on your face when you see the waiter is bringing out your food…FINALLY! -Amanda Panda

#6 The trajectory is all wrong.


#7 He knows he’s got it.

In the net! Right at the back! -Isy

#8 That smirk is magnificent.


#9 Damn, that flap is something else.

Wish me jowls would move as fast as me face! -Isy

#10 When your mouth just doesn’t open.


#11 He looks a bit sad in the second one.

Dat sadness is the second one tho.. -Evisa Isabella Rose

#12 The saliva though.


#13 Barely got it.

Made me thing of Sir Didymus in the movie Labyrinthe. -Kjorn

#14 He’s just happy to be here.


#15 WHen you put your ice-cream in the sun.

OMG he’s melting, that’s what he looks like. -Misty Pal

#16 ‘Where is the food?’


#17 Goal for one!

Such a proud pooch!! -Mike Eklöf

#18 He looks quite surprised.


#19 This one wants more.

Have you ever been that happy? -Hans

#20 His eyes are as big as balls.


#21 He is showing off his fangs.

I think most of us look similar when visiting the dentist. -Hans

#22 A big chomper.


#23 What is that eye twitch for?

Looks like the treat entered a orbit arround his head. -Hans

#24 He is trying his best.


He’s like, take my picture but make sure I still look good!! -Jenny Evans

#25 Is that anger I see?

#26 He is sadly not gonna get it.


*Oh, I’m gonna eat ya treat snack! I’m gonna eat ya for good!!!* -Evisa Isabella Rose

#27 He can’t believe he is getting a treat.

#28 Is he afraid of the treat?


I’ll get you next time! Punk! -Jenny Evans

#29 Just a little bit confused.

#30 She is coming for the food.


I can’t get the from here! -Lisa Webster

#31 His eyes are trained on the food.

#32 He knows he’s got it.


This one will just fit neatly! -Hans

#33 This one is not so hungry.

#34 The smile in the third one is gorgeous.


*chomp*.. -Misty Pal

#35 He has already eaten it.

#36 Will he get it?


Almost have it. -Jennifer Rodriguez

#37 He knows it’s all for him.

#38 He wasn’t very happy before.


Me with and without Internet connection. -Inurri

#39 His eye is not gonna be very happy.

#40 The smirk tells a story.


Wow! This looks exactly like my dog Jasper. -David Roth

What is your dog’s reaction when they get a treat? COmment don below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so these gorgeous photos and bring a smile to your friend’s face as well.


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