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40 Times Dogs Were So Hilarious That People Had To Feature Them On Snapchat

Snapchat is not only for people’s streaks.

Honestly, If you ask me, I never really understood Snapchat. I get that people like to tell their followers what’s happening with their life. But who has the time to do it every minute of their life? Apparently, some people do. Now, I don’t wanna sound mad because I am not. After all, it’s their life and what they wanna do with it falls upon them.


However, if you’re posting pictures of your dog each and every minute, there is nothing to be angry about. Because we have all the time in the world for our fur babies. And anyone who says otherwise is probably a bitter person. And we all know how much dogs love to get into hilarious shenanigans.

What better place to feature all these antics than Snapchat? Don’t fret if you don’t have a doggo of your own to feature because we have just the thing for you! So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 This is what true love and loyalty are all about.

Via LearnedBravery

Those eyes and that smile, man, pure 24 Carat love! -Ladies and Gentlemen

#2 They knew just by the smell.

Via Walela Nehanda

Please tell us that they now have regular play dates! -Dian Ella Lillie

#3 This doggo is a pro at hunting.

Via reddit

#4 I bet people think he is human for a second.

Via TheGospelOfMark

Chewbacca and Solo: the early days. In theatres Dec 12.

#5 He is loving all the attention.

Via manic_unicorn

#6 Either he is tired or he wants to go on another walk.

Via momojojo121

*Flop* Want more walks! -Laugh Fan

#7 I don’t think you need to.

Via dickfromaccounting

No, somehow I don’t think you can and to be honest I don’t want you to!! KITTENS!! -Laugh Fan

#8 Is the dog wearing sunglasses?

Via Guygan

#9 Can this get any adorable?

Via awwdorables

Don’t worry, Mommy will keep you safe. -Carol Roeder

#10 A never-ending well of treats.

Via robixdesoza

Adorable! Kudos to the photographer. -Laugh Fan

#11 He didn’t want you to find it.

Via livelaughshart

#12 Can’t handle so much cuteness in one picture.

Via stoofhan

The original one is not the quite biggest doggo himself, but the mini me… oh wow, he’s tiny! -A B C

#13 I mean this ingenious idea check out.

Via Angela Garcia Bernal

Who could resist this doggo? -Laugh Fan

#14 A friendship sweeter than cake.

Via generallysarcastic

#15 ‘I am not gonna play with you anymore, hooman.’

Via myleslol

Fake throw eh? Up-yours then. -Laugh Fan

#16 He is trying his best to make her feel better.

Via smashmaster22

#17 A very soapy Groot but Groot nonetheless.

Via scuba_kai

WHERE’S MY EAR?! -Donald Holder

#18 Or it might be a toy, I can’t tell.

Via recreationAtion

#19 Yes, she is.

Via 8BallAdams

And you’ll be rewarded everyday…. -Hope Floats

#20 Oh, He knows.

Via u/t-poke

He knows so much more than you want to know about what he knows. -JillVille

#21 Anyone would get lost following this dog.


Via sweatingalready

#22 I can hear the sneeze through the screen.

Via jackbutcher_08

#23 The bird was resting her wings.

Via 12bore1992

Can we keep it? Please, please, please!!! -Aud Wey

#24 The wink is everything.


#25 A cute alien doggo has landed on Earth.

Via OctopussSevenTwo

Superdog spotted… He came from barktonite planet. -Usernameofgag

#26 A great idea!

Via Mr_DrinksOnMe

#27 You can tell that from the attitude.

Via SpecificEducation

I love a blond with big, brown eyes. -Nadine Hughey

#28 Nothing else comes to mind other than majestic.

Via imgur

#29 ‘I will heal you with my love, Hooman.’

Via EvilMegaCorp

One of my dogs did this once. She may have saved my life. -Dian Ella Lillie

#30 She certainly doesn’t like that!

Via RandallPinkFloyd

“Help! I’m being photographed against my will!” -criminalgirl

#31 He knows it as well.

Via whiteboardoracle

Wow, what a beautiful dog! I know that’s obvious thing to say, but… DAMN! -Asia

#32 You can’t stop him from slaying!

Via estherthegrump

#33 The husband is not particularly happy about this picture.

Via frustratedlawyer

#34 ‘What is that?’

Via trump0

Probably ordered at Amazon. -Peak25500

#35 This proves that dogs don’t know that they can grow.

Via heyCharley

She wants to be absolutely sure the humans on the other side of that door don’t go anywhere without her. -Connie Martin

#36  Blep.

Via khrone11

#37 The stuffed elephant will save you from all the harm.

Via hagansyn

Elephant is strong and will protect you. -Laugh Fan

#38 Where is all the jumping and such though?

Via whovian_lew13

#39 Who is a good boy? You are!

Via merrell0

Danes are the best! -JillVille

#40 ‘I want to suck your blood!’

Via EvilMonki

Any of your pet’s antics that you wanna share with us? Why not let us know in the comments? After all, we are always eager to hear from you.


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