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50 Dogs Who Hilariously Photobombed “Perfect” Pictures

Dogs love to get in where they are not wanted.

Especially when it comes to pictures. After all who wouldn’t want their adorable face immortalized forever within a wedding photo. Maybe that is what these doggos were thinking when they photobombed the following fifty pictures. We have already covered cats photobombing pictures and that was a hilarious find. So we thought why not do the same with dogs?


There are bound to be some dogs who like their picture taken right? Oh, how wrong we were because it’s not some but many. From humping, pooping, or making a derpy face, these pups will do anything to get in the shot. They are like that annoying little brother that just won’t leave you alone when you’re taking selfies but you love him anyway.

So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Hello to the world!

“Wait a little. I’m fixing the camera” -Leonardo Sinigaglia

#2 The other doggo is not liking this turn of events.

Via WantMyNameBack

#3 The kitty is not impressed.


The cat doesn’t find it funny. -Daria B

#4 Did he just smell his armpits?


#5 Either the cat doesn’t know or she doesn’t care.


Rare picture of mighty ruler right before he was taken down by his own people -colorized. -Jesus Wäre

#6 Both of them are entranced by the phone.


#7 That will poison you buddy.

Via Jachryl

His expression says it all. -Den CA

#8 Why ruin such a perfect picture?


#9 His smile is bigger than his face.


#10 ‘Is this thing on?’


#11 What is happening with the eyes?

Via gericka

#12 ‘Can I eat this hooman?’

Via RightSideUpAussie

Helicopter dog!!! -Andrew Kurkovsky

#13 The cat is not happy.

Via hatefacelives

The cat : “one day, I’ll take my revenge! And it’s not gonna be funny…” -Jeremie Guerra

#14 The side-eye says it all.

Via reddit

Yeah sure… she loves me more. -Nini Boo

#15 If only the camera had focused more.

Via Charley Lhasa

I am so photo genic this is my best side front whatever. -Gillian Black

#16 He doesn’t want to be left out.


#17 ‘Who cares about them?’

Via imgur

#18 ‘Can I sleep here as well?’


Dog probably farted that’s why he’s laughing. -Den CA

#19 Just a little puppy hat.

Via Alliance4Life

#20 Those pearly whites are great at smiling.

Via GreatDaneGirl

#21 The love that lasts forever.

Via congratsyoucanread

I just met you and I already Love you! -Violet Oliveira

#22 ‘Some privacy please!’

Via Bret Salmons

#23 ‘Don’t touch me!’

Via anonuemus

The little dog ” One day I will be tall enough to do that!” -Alexia Nipper

#24 The flash is here to save us all.

Via Thelinkaboveisgood

This one looks more that he’s being hold by someone behind, than it does like he’s jumping. -Carlos Snt

#25 ‘Watch me dance gracefully.’

#26 Is he surprised by the pants?

That face when you ripped your pants and you got no underwear. -Den CA

#27 Time for a nap.

Via Louvin

#28 The black doggo has seen his first snow.

Via rhaarmans

Don’t look now, but he’s at it again! -Berrie Cameron-Allen

#29 You’ll find the dog in a minute.


#30 ‘Lighten up buddy!’

Via reddit

#31 He is trying to figure it out.

Via InfamousBonics

That is what called “Doggie-oshka”. -Phan Hai-Anh

#32 Chilling with the peers.

Via imgur

The guy is photobombing the dog selfie. -Leonardo Sinigaglia

#33 This picture can’t get any more perfect.

#34 ‘How do I look?’

Via EmmyLouWho

I’m in, I am in the shot, Well just but I am in. -Gillian Black

#35 These people are ruining his bathroom time.


#36 ‘You want me to go? Fine!’

Via shaddieandbubba

Gold Dog: I’m going to make you sneeze.

Black Dog: No, you really aren’t.

Gold Dog: Yeah, right! *sticks tail in nose*

Black Dog: Ah-Ahh–AHCHOO! -TheRubyFalcon

#37 ‘So what are you watching?’

Via imgur

#38 The cat has unleashed her evil.


It takes everything’ in me to put up with him. -Susan Buckley

#39 ‘Oh no, what have I done?!’

#40 Caught in the action.

Via fiveeightthirteen

Leave me out of the family photo? Well I’ll show you! -Gillian Black

#41 A fluffy cloud is all I see here.

Via saptarsi

#42 ‘Why are you climbing the wall like a spider hooman?’

#43 ‘I believe I can fly.’

Husky: “Hey! Look at him!” -Leonardo Sinigaglia

#44 ‘What did you say?’


#45 Taken moments before the trip to the hospital.

Via RocketEngine

Oh my that’s gonna take a lot of stitches. -Den CA

#46 ‘Don’t I make this picture that much better?’

Via ainaina

#47 The kitty is ready to pounce.

Via blkr

Dog “get that camera out of here.” -Alexia Nipper

#48 ‘You taste so bad hooman.’

Via reddit

Hold it, there is something up there. Wait a minute! Oh dang missed it! -Gillian Black

#49 Did he just fart?

Laughter is the best medicine they say!!! -daniellabob

#50 The doggo has the look of longing.

Dog: (sigh) “That was my place…” -Leonardo Sinigaglia

Has your dog ever photobombed your pictures? If so why not let us know in the comment below? And don’t forget to share these pictures so your friends can have a laugh as well.


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