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21 People Share The Eerie Stories That Made Them Stop Cold

Some creepy, eerie, and spooky stories to make your heart skip a beat!

The world is full of tragic events and incidents that will make you realize that this world does not belong solely to human beings. However, there are a few other entities that exist in our close surroundings.


Just imagine, what your reaction would be if you were continually conversing with someone and then discovered that the individual was already present somewhere else. That is a dreadful sensation that can only be understood by those who have gone through it themselves. Anyways, it’s not wrong to say that not every time we feel this horrible situation. You may be experiencing something similar to what we call “Deja vu.” It’s the feeling that you’ve previously had an experience with the event. This is something that many individuals throughout the world go through now and then.

So get ready to be scared as you read through these spine-chilling, spooky stories by scrolling down the page.

1. It’s known as Déjà vu.

Via  WeirdWolfGuy / Reddit

2. Damn! has this ever happened to you?

Via  Squash4brainz / Reddit

3. And what about the sawdust?

Via djinnisequoia / Reddit

4. That’s why we’ll are afraid of living in a room full of toys.

Via whywolf93 / Reddit

5. Maybe checking the CCTV cameras can help!

Via  La_Chica_Salvaje / Reddit

6. Nobody has the courage to handle this situation in this manner. Boy, you’re brave!

Via  KaraokeKween / Reddit

7. It’s a nice idea to have a “Secret Password”.

Via  theskulduggery / Reddit

8. This sounds terrifying!

Via  Danimal147 / Reddit

9. Brains aren’t capable of creating their own faces or features. This suggests that they had a close relationship or had at least met previously.

Via  V0IDx / Reddit

10. But, how’s that even possible? Unbelievable!

Via sammiamm21 / Reddit

It’s time to gather your courage if you haven’t already because we have some more scary stories for you to read below!

From toy dancing on its own to man standing at the signal and smiling while pointing out to you and a person suddenly disappearing after having a good talk with you are just a few of these Reddit stories that aren’t just creepy but they are quite disturbing and unsettling to read.

If you are brave enough to read them, then keep scrolling down to read the hair-raising stories that you can read right from the comfort of your own home!

11. Just ghost things!

Via peanutbuddasanwich / Reddit

12. Anyone would have fainted at that smile.

Via Unknown / Reddit

13. That is extremely frightening. Perhaps someone lives with this family.

Via for-the-weirdstuff / Reddit

14. Maybe Regine used the stairs to go up.

Via Hawkov / Reddit

15. Can’t figure out what’s going on here. Like the dry cleaners cannot remember a regular customer, but there was this suit with this company tag.

Via mindislikeaspaceship / Reddit

16. This has to be one of the creepiest stories you will ever read. Just imagine someone pointing you out while smiling.

Via Neyvan60 / Reddit

17. But, how did that pizza taste?

Via  413hooli / Reddit

18. On the way down, from heaven or somewhere else?

Via CoolBeans42700 / Reddit

19. Maybe that’s a dream!

Vialazermaniac / Reddit

20. Aliens, maybe!

Via  samwich1 / Reddit

21. Have you ever heard of someone napping for two days straight?

Via HarmoniousJ / Reddit

22. This man is the coolest dad ever!

Via AndyUrsyna / Reddit

Which of these stories made your spine tingle? Have you ever had a similar incident in your life? If so, then let us know in the comments section below!


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