13 Pictures Of Dogs Growing From Puppyhood To Old Age

No one wants their favorites to age.

It is very true. Aging is not just a number turning upon itself every single year, it’s a whole process of a person. The person slowly starts losing their strength, gets more prone to medical conditions as the immune system gets weaker, the bone density drops below adequate levels which increases the probability of bone injuries, and the recovery process gets prolonged as well. It’s not an easy phase of life and people in the old-age group which is mainly considered as the population that is at or above the age of 65. Lots and lots of love and support are required to get through old age.


All of this does not just apply to humans. It’s a natural process that every living being has to go through, and this process of aging also involves animals. Animals age as well. The average life spans of animals vary quite a lot from one another. Elephants have an average life span of 70 compared to a doggo who has an average life span of only 22 years. And of course, there are variations within the breeds as well. Take a French Mastiff, for instance, it only has a life span of 5 to 8 years. And then there’s this Australian cattle dog, Bluey, who holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest-living dog in the whole world. The record is almost 30 years.

Aging isn’t an easy process for a third person to witness, either. Especially, with the ones they love. Humans, and pets. Especially, dogs. A person adopts a pet pupper in the hope to spend their entire life with them and you witness everything. Their moods, happiness, love, injuries, attitude, and aging as well.

Let’s take a look at some of this side-by-side comparison of doggos in their young times, to their olden days.

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1. Maddy. Left: 5 years. Right: 10 years.

2. Kayden and Brodie. Left 11 months & 5 years. Right: 7 years & 12 years, respectively.


3. Fred. Left: 2 years. Right: 10 years.


4: Sydney and Savannah. Left: 16 & 5 months. Right: 10 & 9 years, respectively.


5. Rufus. Left: 6 months. Right: 13 years.


6. Abigale. Left: 4 months. Right: 8 years.


7. Copper. Left 3 years. Right: 10 years.


Honestly, it is kind of emotional to look at these pictures. I can for sure tell you that I personally cannot understand the complete level of emotions of feelings compared to those who actually own a pet and see them age right before their eyes. But if it is the exact same feeling the way it is with your human family members? Damn, it is tough.

All these images look so innocent and heart-melting. All these faces on the left show a spark of energy, and a sort of quirkiness. While the faces on the right tell a story, an adventure, a journey through happiness, love, care, and joy.

Scroll down below for some more comparisons.

8. Audrey. Left: 3 years. Right: 12 years.


9. Lily. Left: 8 months. Right 15 years.


10. Briscoe. Left: 1 year. Right: 10 years.


11. Corbet. Left: 2 years. Right: 11 years.

12. Poppy. Left: 1 year. Right: 7 years.


13. Maddie and Ellie. Left: 7 & 6 years. Right: 14 & 13 years, respectively.

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And this is it. For those who have pet doggos who are yet to turn a year or are very young in general, take super care of them. Give them an experience that they never forget. An experience they would cherish in their olden years.

I hope you guys enjoyed. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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