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50 Dogs That Instantly Regretted Their Poor Life Choices

The destination was at right but we went left and landed straight into trouble. Sometimes, we make bad decisions and face the aftermath. But it’s important to realise that every failure doesn’t make us a loser, in fact, it makes us a winner. Maybe not today, but tomorrow it definitely will. How does that happen? Well, when we lose it means we made a mistake. Something went wrong. Maybe, it’s a bad decision we made but after the damage is done, we have learned our lesson. So, next time when we try, we will avoid making that decision or doing that thing we did the last time that didn’t result in the desired output. This is how we ultimately win. If we really want to grow mature and be successful in life, we have to get some bad experiences, some failures on our journey.


We know the famous Japanese proverb “Nana korobi, ya oki” that translates to “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” These are literally words to live by. This alone provides great motivation that we all need. This needs to be our mantra but looks like dogs have taken this much more seriously than humans. Our silly doggos keep landing in troublesome situations due to their bad decisions that they instantly regret. Here are 50 photos we found on the internet showing dogs that got themselves in trouble due to their bad decisions and they regret it. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 “I wasn’t expecting this.”

#2 “Where does this path leads to?”


Credits: gloweblue

#3 “No, hooman. You’ve been using it wrong all your life. This is not for you this was created for me. It’s my chin rest.”


#4 “No!! That’s not where you throw the frisbee, hooman!”


Credits: tharealbiggiesmalls

Come To The Park They Said, We’ll Have A Friendly Game Of Fetch They Said

#5 Looks like someone got himself in a little trouble.


Credits: imgur

#6 Comment if you see the dog.


Credits: imgur

My Dog Got Stuck In The Sofa Cover

#7 “That wasn’t my best idea.”


Credits: TurdFerguson10

My Dog Stuck In A Gate

#8 And the touchdown.


Credits: dscz20

Shakespeare’s First Trip Down A Slide

#9 “Alright. Now, how do I get out of this thing?”


Credits: Silentwes

Get A Border Collie They Said, They’re One Of The Smartest Breeds They Said

#10 “That’s not how you play with this thing? Am I stuck?”


Credits: GallowBoob

#11 “What? That’s new fashion.”

#12 “The cat ran away and I got stuck.”


Credits: EyePhone14

#13 Poor baby!

Credits: skyline_kid

My Friend’s Dog Ate A Bee

#14 “That’s not exactly how we ride this swing… right, hooman? I think I need a little help.”


Credits: woofle07

Heard Her Whining And Turned Around To Find This. She Got Stuck

#15 Got stuck but blep is mandatory.

#16 How adorable is this cutie? He definitely regrets his decision.


Credits: mynameisjacky

#17 “Looks like I’m stranded on a mini Island.”

#18 “I’m stuck.”


Credits: totallynotabear

#19 Looks like someone’s messed with the wrong guys.

Credits: flutexgirl

Cats are not always guilty of starting a fight with a dog. Sometimes, it’s the dog’s own wrong doings that lead them in a unwanted situations. Cats are not always the one to blame sometimes the culprit is the dog. However, cats are short tempered and hyper sensitive. Do anything, like just exist, and a cat might get offended. You never know what they’re gonna do next. So, whatever you do, just don’t stand in a cat’s way or else you would get hit by it or get run over. In case of the above picture the cats seem to be pretty angry about something the dog did. Even if it was just a mistake, the dog better have a good explanation or else he/she would suffer.

#20 “I thought we’re supposed to sleep on the inside. I was wrong.”


#21 And this was the moment the dog realized that sliding down was not such a good idea.

Credits: BreakboyHex

#22 When the dog realises it’s bath time.


#23 “Call me Mr box head.”


I’ll Just Sit Here And Wait For Them To Stop Laughing And Help Me Out

#24 “I have undoubtedly made a huge mistake.”

#25 “I should say my prayers.”

Credits: GleamTheCube

I Immediately Regret This Decision

#26 “I was just trying to sit. Now, I’m stuck.”


Credits: Isabel Clownsnack

#27 “Yep. Think before you leap.”


Credits: TheDonCuffy

#28 “Okay, now which way’s down? Looks like I was following the wrong path.”

Credits: ChristineSteed

#29 “That’s not fun!”


Credits: SoIgotthatgoinformewhichisnice

#30 “Hello, anybody home? Looks like this is my home now.” *Instant regret*

#31 “Tangled myself into a bad decision.”

Credits: alt-jh

Maxie Relaxing In A Hammock

#32 The dog is all of us and frisbee is the year 2020.


Credits: ozone_one

I Would Like To Show You The Exact Moment My Dog Decided He Was Done Playing Catch The Frisbee

#33 This little pug landed straight into trouble.

Credits: Havent_the_foggiest

My Favourite Dumbass Came To Visit Today. Didn’t Take Him Long To Get Stuck

#34 “Hello from the other side.”

Credits: smease

Neighbors Got A New Dog. He Seems To Really Love My Pug

#35 “Nope, not stuck! Just carrying the seat around.”


#36 That’s Kiley Jenner lip challenge dog edition.

#37 “I do not think it was very wise of me to do that… Now, I require a little help here, hooman.”

Credits: -originalname-

#38 Wondering what was he looking for in there…


Pugsley Wonders Why We Call Him Darwin

#39 “I am bad at making decisions.”

Frida Continues To Make Questionable Chioces…

#40 “I sure did make a bad decision but at least I have a colorful butt now.”

Credits: youtbuddcody

She Chose The Wrong Place To Take A Nap

#41 “I shall never try this again.”


Credits: yamamochi223

#42 How do they manage to get stuck in such narrow openings?

Someone’s Been Caught In The Cookie Basket

#43 That’s a burrito dog.

Credits: shanel3rannan

My Dog Managed To Get Herself Stuck In The Sleeve Of My Sweater

#44 “I got it!!”



#45 “Oops! I didn’t notice there was a tree.”


This Is Fred. Fred Loves The Frisbee

#46 The dog just realized he has outgrown the doggy door.

Credits: chuck1597535

This Is How My Dog Says Goodbye

#47 When you are already in the middle of a crisis, just one bad decision away from a catastrophic disaster.



This Is My Dog Stuck On A Rock While Trying To Cross A River

#48 “Hello, hooman! I’m just taking a walk.”

Credits: nurse_a-hugs

Went To Pick Up Dog From Kennel And Found Her Like This

#49 “I found a new dog door!”

Credits: littlemarieflower

When My Dog Got Stuck In A Hole And Couldn’t Get Out By Himself

#50 “I think I made a mistake.”


My Friend’s Dog Thought This Was How You Get Up Stairs And Got Stuck

Which one of these bad decision makers do you like the most? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to share with other dog owners and see if they can relate.


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