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24 Dogs Who Love Their Owners More Than Anything & Their Gazes Prove It

Dogs are a blessing.

If you own a dog, you are one of the luckiest people on Earth. Dogs were titled “Man’s best friend” for a reason. They will love you unconditionally and protect you with all their might. They will be loyal to you all their life. If you think you love your dog more than it loves you, think again. You probably have a family, children, and friends to love and care for you. Your dog only has you. You are its entire universe, its family, and its best friend. So take care of them because you are all they have.


How do dogs express their love for us? It’s very obvious from their actions. When you leave the house, they will wait in front of the door for you. When you finally come home, they’ll wag their tail and jump into your arms. It’s the little things in life that matter. Below are 24 dogs who expressed their love for their owners:

1. “My friend’s newborn is less than 3 days old and their dog Zoey is already warming up to him.”

© ZeroTwitch / Imgur

Love at first sight.

2. “There, there human.”


© louiebaur / reddit

Hugging your dog will definitely make it better.

3. When you’ve been giving too much time to your new baby.


© edilima / Imgur

Missing the good old baby-free times, eh?

4. Chilling with your dog is the best way to spend your time.


© Guygan / reddit

Love the dog’s sunglasses!

5. “When you get to bring your dog to work and she reminds you that you’re her favorite person.”


© LearnedBravery / reddit

The light at the end of the tunnel.

6. “My son and his puppy — they can’t get enough of each other.”


© LameSaucey / reddit

Will the dog outgrow her son?

7. “I have no doubt in my mind that my dog knows I’m pregnant.”


© okayyymovingon / Imgur

It can probably hear the baby’s heartbeat.

8. The look of pure love.


© strawberryhichew / reddit

Get someone who looks at you like this.

9. “These two are inseparable.”


© SkankBoy / reddit

They’re both so adorable!

10. “We’ve been looking for a buddy for our 10-year-old son for a few weeks and yesterday we found the perfect match!”


© ThatPatti / reddit

Together till death do us apart.

11. “Can I drive now?”

© PNWsea / reddit

The dog looks concerned. Were you driving safe?

12. “A small baby Duckling”


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A small baby Duckling 🐣

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He’s just a baby that still likes being carried around.

I had a pet lab named Courage when I was thirteen years old. Whenever I went to school, he would wait in our garage for me to return. And as soon as I opened the door, he would run 2 rounds around our lawn and then jump straight on me to hug me. It was always the highlight of my day. I’ve never seen anybody get so happy to see me, that too only after a couple of hours. Dogs are too precious and pure for this world. We don’t deserve them.

13. “Dog checking on my sister who is sick.”


© WubWubDing / reddit

He’ll make you feel better in no time.

14. “My boyfriend and his dog give each other a hug every morning and I happened to be behind him on the stairs this time.”

© kiana23 / reddit

I want mornings like these too.

15. “My wife has been sick. Our pups seem to know she isn’t feeling well…”


© phaytal / reddit

They understand your pain.

16. “While all the other dogs in the park were playing, he was reading a book with his human.”

© Gallowboob / reddit

This dog has his priorities straight!

17. “Most people teach their dogs to not jump. Personally, I love coming home from work to a good hug.”


© ShinyDisc0Balls / reddit

Doggo hugs are just precious.

18. “My friend’s dog waiting for him to get home.”

© Nepkal / reddit

When will my husband return from war?

19. “Mom texted me and said she was going to be a mother again. One minute later I get this picture.”


© Fat_Unicorn_Butt / reddit

He is a baby.

20. “My girlfriend took this picture while I was sick and asleep.”

© m4sterpieces / reddit

Doctor, when will my human be okay?

21. “I’ll miss you so much. 2 hours away from you is too long!”


© Louvin / reddit

Goodbyes are always difficult.

22. “Just my dog spooning my baby. Nothing to see here.”

© JarodKnoten / Imgur

The perfect way to sleep.

23. Military dog


© majorchamp / reddit

Protecting his human while he rests.

24. “Cheer up, hooman. I’m with you.”

© Legallynuts / Imgur

Do you have a dog? How does he express his love to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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