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50 ‘Not So Good Boy’ Dogs Shamed For Their Crimes

All dogs are good boys.

They are pure and precious. Dogs bring happiness and unlimited joy in our lives. Unlike cats, they are best known for their jolly and friendly personalities. Due to their extremely hyper nature, they tend to cause a lot of chaos at home. You can’t keep a doggo and an expensive vase in the same room. It’s too risky. All dogs are good, but they sometimes go the wrong path and find themselves in a lot of trouble.


Now, if they do cause damage, you can’t punish them or give them a time-out session. That doesn’t work on them. However, public dog-shaming definitely does the trick and leaves them feeling guilty as hell. This trend is especially famous in cats. It is actually hilarious to see the looks on their faces because they know very well what they’ve done. Let’s hope they learn from it! Below are 50 not-so-good dogs shamed for their crimes:

1. Partners in crime.

Great teamwork! -VixieVie

2. Caught in the act.


And the proof! -JoanaFarinhas

3. Dog spelt backwards is God so it makes sense.


Should rename the dog Buddha so it’s justified. -MonicaCanhascheezburger

4. I’m sure he never meant to hurt his brother.


Bad brother! -JoanaFarinhas

5. You can tell by the chewed up doorway.


aww! what a big boy! 🙂 -MandrakesDizon

6. When you’re so fabulous you poop rainbows.


Kawaii -JoanaFarinhas

7. He seems happy with it though.


LOVE the grin! -SusanBertke

8. I had a dog who was terrified of his own farts.


#DogProblems -RJazz909

9. That has got to hurt.


Ouch, hope they aren’t wanting kids -Stephanie Parrent

10. This dog has rules.


That’s so sweet.. he leaves one for his owner to hop around in. -DarleneGirard

11. Spreading terror around the house.

Still learning how to operate this machinery -AlbiCostales

12. Eating that fresh gourmet cuisine.


Well… If the door is made out of cardboard… -P.BruxFHell

13. Meet Dumb and Dumber.

Advertisement by UDM

the brother’s tongue is kinda saying dumb brother -MarilynKieser

14. Karma is sweet.


Glory be to the Hedgehog! -LorraineOchoa

15. I am leaking.

YUCKK -PeteMeierdierck

16. He just wanted to learn his ABC


I think somebody needs a keyboard for their self…gotta finish his alphabet! Haha -HannahHand

17. It’s a part of his religious education.

“Holy crap” had new meaning -HannahHand

18. Pee fountain!


New meaning to golden showers! -AlisonBoroski

19. Teamwork!

A perfect combo -Annie

20. The daily adventures of the sock brothers.


21. Bro, that’s just weird.

do you have to tell everyone? -MarilynKieser

22. EW! He has actual shit on his face!


And he’s laughing at you! MarthaDonaldson

23. That’s the spirit!

24. My cat does this to my clothes.

Oh my goodness, I think it’s a Chihuahua thing! Mine likes to get under the covers and lick so you roll over in the wetness! Yuck! -KristineRadtke

25. He was expressing his love for her.

These are sure to crack you up. Look at their priceless faces. Some are having a huge guilt trip while some are shamelessly posing for the camera, proud of the mess they created. It doesn’t matter how bad they mess up though. We love them unconditionally. Scroll down below for the rest of the naughty dogs:

26. I guess you won’t be eating it now, so it’s mine.


27. This dog is a pervert.


Do they keep the bathroom door unlocked while taking a shower? -Pemberton

28. Dublin has been caught red-handed.

+1 for the dog’s name adorable, +1 because of the Yoda voice in my head as I read the sign. -PandaBrewr

29. Doggo has a drinking problem.


I hope they took you to the Vet. That’s like poison to dogs. -Alexandria Kennedy

30. That’s why Dora’s partner was a monkey, not a dog.

Maybe out of instinct? -Pemberton

31. How to make unwanted guests leave early.

Nice, can he come clean my house out! –KikiSherlin

32. Covering up for your shit.


“A ghost did it! I swear!” -Vladimir Pishchalnikov

33. Poop rainbows are a delicacy.

34. He looks like a cat himself.

and I am so ashamed -MarilynKieser

35. That is a very expensive mess.


36. How is that even comfortable?

#DogLogic -RJazz909

37. How to mark the whole house with your scent.

38. Come on, it’s just a little bromance.


39. He looks pure evil.

new way of dog kiss -Pemberton

40. The dog version of the Grinch.

41. That’s his own way of getting high.


42. He tried his best, okay?

no good deed goes unpunished. -LyndellNetherton

43. How to fight a big dog.

Just asserting his dominance. Small dog syndrome! -MaraeaStone

44. He looks so guilty.


45. I guess the pastor won’t pick up a dog ever again.

Pet blessing?? Things have gone weird… when we bless pets but same sex marriage is an offense.. what a world -Noor

46. It is completely destroyed.

47. A lot of casualties.


48. That smug look on his face.

That’s the owner’s fault… -Pemberton

49. Doggo has no chill.

50. How long did it take to find the meat?

What did you think of these images? Did they make you laugh? Have you ever shamed your dog? If yes, for what? Let us know in the comments below!


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