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50 Adorable Dogs That Look Like Teddy Bears

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from different breeds, some of which are rare, to the more common ones, which are in everyone’s house. There are so many different kinds of puppies, and they can interbreed so you can basically get a dog in any shape. And because of this, there’s also varied temperaments, some dogs being more loyal, others being more aggressive, and some were bred for the pure purpose of looking like puffy little teddy bears.

You saw the image when you clicked the link, you know what I’m talking about. These dogs have such a strong resemblance to teddy bears that even if you’re somehow not a dog person, you’re probably still a teddy-bear-person so would want these fluffy friends. I, myself, have a very furry pet, and I dread to think about the amount of shedding these dogs do, but judging by how cute they are, it’s almost definitely worth the effort.

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#1 Not Sure If My Friend Got A Puppy Or A Baby Polar Bear

There’s huge difference in breeds! ScienceMag says so!

American Kennel Club descriptions of dog breeds can read like online dating profiles: The border collie is a workaholic; the German shepherd will put its life on the line for loved ones. Now, in the most comprehensive study of its kind to date, scientists have shown that such distinct breed traits are actually rooted in a dog’s genes. The findings may shed light on human behaviors as well.

#2 German Shepherd/Akita/Corgi Puppies Are Practically Domesticated Bear Cubs


#3 Chow Chow Puppy Panda


“It’s a huge advance,” says Elaine Ostrander, a mammalian geneticist at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, who was not involved with the work. “It’s a finite number of genes, and a lot of them do make sense.”

#4 Wally The Bear Dog


#5 Somebody Brought This Bear Into Doggie Day Care


When the dog genome was sequenced in 2005, scientists thought they would quickly be able to pin down the genes that give every breed its hallmark personality. But they found so much variation even within a breed that they could never study enough dogs to get meaningful results.

#6 Caucasian Shepherd Puppy


#7 My New Chow Chow Puppy Experienced Winter Today


#8 Pomeranian Puppy


So in the new study, Evan MacLean, a comparative psychologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Noah Snyder-Mackler at the University of Washington in Seattle, and colleagues began by looking at behavioral data for about 14,000 dogs from 101 breeds. The analyses come from the Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ), a sort of pet personality quiz developed by James Serpell, an ethologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

#9 Ten Week Old Eurasier Puppy That Looks Like A Teddybear


#10 Westie Puppy


#11 Kai Ken Haru Puppies

#12 Bear Cub Finds A Swing


#13 My Dog Looks Like A Bear And Has More Friends Than Me

#14 I Will Chow Chow You To Sleep


C-BARQ asks questions like, “What does your dog do when a stranger comes to the door?” to allow owners to objectively characterize 14 aspects of their pet’s personalities, including trainability, attachment, and aggression. Since the survey was developed in 2003, more than 50,000 owners have participated.

#15 Fluffy Malamute Puppy

#16 Bear Dog


#17 Meet My Teddy Bear Dog, Mufasa

#18 My Parents New Puppy. Keeshond Mixed With An American Eskimo


#19 Chow Chow Shorthair – Smooth Bonny

#20 My Friend’s Teddy Bear Puppy Dog


#21 Teddy Bear Dog

The team matched up these behavioral data for each breed with genetic data about breeds from different sets of dogs. They didn’t look at genetic and behavioral data for individual dogs, but rather averages across a specific breed. In all, the team identified 131 places in a dog’s DNA that may help shape 14 key personality traits.

#22 Samoyed And Golden Retriever Mix Puppy


#23 Teacup Toy Poodle

#24 Chow Chow Puppy


#25 Poodle And Teddy Bear

#26 Baby Chow Chow


#27 Chow Chow Puppy, 45 Days Old


Together, these DNA regions explain about 15% of a dog breed’s personality, with each exerting only a small effect. Trainability, chasing, and a tendency to be aggressive toward strangers were the most highly heritable traits, the scientists report in a paper posted this month on the preprint server bioRxiv.

#28 Thirty Days Old Kai Ken Puppy

#29 Meet Chowder, The Chow Chow Puppy


#30 Puppies That Look Like Panda Bears

#31 Kai Puppies

#32 My Newfie Puppy’s First Time In The Snow


#33 Little Blue Teddy Bear – Sapphire The Chow Chow

#34 My German Shepherd Puppy Kinda Looks Like A Bear Cub

#35 My Little Polar Bear And Her Mom


The locations of these DNA hot spots make sense: Some are within or close to genes tied to aggression in humans, for example, whereas DNA associated with the dog’s level of trainability is found in genes that in humans are associated with intelligence and information processing. The findings suggest behavior is guided by the same genes in many species, MacLean says. And if, for example, genes underlying anxiety in dogs lead to those same genes in people, that discovery may ultimately lead to better treatments for anxiety-related disorders, Serpell says. “These are the kinds of things we can see in the future.”

#36 My Friend’s 3 Month Old Chow Chow Puppy

#37 Sleepy Bear Coat Shar-Pei

#38 Isn’t This The Cutest Darn Puppy/Bear You’ve Ever Seen?


#39 Chubi The Chow Puppy

#40 Dog bear

#41 Quite The Well-Bred Chow Chow


#42 Trying To Say No To My Chow Puppy For Eating Snow

Because the genetic and behavioral data come from different sets of dogs, the work cannot link a breed’s specific behavioral tendencies to any one gene. “This paper doesn’t call out any particular breed for its behavior. It relies on behaviors that are found in many breeds,” says Heidi Parker, a genome scientist at the National Human Genome Research Institute who, with Ostrander, pioneered some of the early work on dog genomes.

#43 Our Golden Retriever Puppy Looks A Bit Like A Polar Bear

#44 Our Chow Chow, Koda Bear!


#45 Chow Chow Puppy

#46 Mini Spitz

#47 Beanie Baby Goldendoodle


#48 My Polar Bear Aka Maltese Puppy Named Milo

#49 Our Little Pooh Bear, Penny

#50 Polar Bear Cub Or Bailey The Lab Pup?

What about you? Do you want one of these teddy bears? I know I do!


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