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50 Dads Who Didn’t Want The ‘Damn Dogs’ In Their House

A lot of us grew up with our parents having the same opinions about keeping a pet, “We are never getting a dog.” And we all know how hard it is convince our parents once they have decided something. They won’t even believe that dogs are actually really incredible and loving. Dogs are special creatures and they can make almost every heart melt… well, except our parents. And once you hold this adorable little baby in your arms, your mind as well as heart opens up for them.


We’ve seen so many self proclaimed anti dog people turn into dog lovers. They’ve changed their minds once they saw these majestic and amazing creatures. One may think that they don’t like a furry dog but that can only last so long because as soon as these doggos come and lick you or give you a big big hug, all your hate would go right out of the window! Well, our dads are like that.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got proof of these people we call our dads, first disliking dogs and then falling in love with them. Scroll down below and enjoy!

1. Looks like someone has made a place for this doggo, in his heart.

They are even exercising together! How cute!

2. Like human, like doggie.


3. “She’s Not Allowed On The Couch” dad said.


Because the dad is the real couch.

4. Dad was adamant, “I Don’t Want A Dog!”.


Well, now who is all cozied up with the pup?

5.Guess who never wanted a dog or an iPad?


Technically, dad still doesn’t want the iPad, its for the dog.

6. The love between this dad and dog is so precious!


7. Alright! I’ll make some space for you.


Looks like they have become very good friends.

8. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this baby?


9. Dad who ‘Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With The Dog’


Someone had a very good christmas!

10. When you say, “I Don’t Want A Dog.” And later you say, “I Don’t Want A Second Dog.”


Because one dog isn’t enough!

11. Ohh, umm, I thought the dog would be feeling cold, so I put him inside my sweater.

12. This silly dog won’t leave me alone so now I have to work like this.


13. Never thought dad would be so delighted to see this little buddy!

“We are hard wired to love and protect children… of any species…” – Monty is Fiennes

14. “If You Get It, It’s Your Dog. I Don’t Want A Damn Ankle Biter.”


Mhmm! Look at how that worked out.

15. Glad, someone found a new best friend!

German Shepard is such a loyal, caring, loving and smart breed!

Yes, we know these images are really entertaining! We have more for you. Just keep scrolling!

16. “I’m Not A Dog Person”


I am now this dogs person.

17. Little reminder: I love you hoomann!

Snuggles from the right person.

18. You light up my life, hooman!


19. This dog made him so happy so he decided to get one more.

20. “I Don’t Even Want A Dog.” Yeah dad I believe you.


Because it’s very normal for a person who apparently doesn’t like dogs to just lay down on the floor… next to a dog, for some kisses

21. Dad has gotten a new baby and he loves it so much!

“and then can’t move for a few hours.” – The Laugh Fan

22. At first, this dad didn’t want a dog. Now, this is the first thing he does after coming home.


23. “Damn Dog”

24. Such a beautiful bond! They both grew up together.

“Therapy. No replacement. Just making wonderful new memories that help to sweeten the old over time. Once you’ve shared your life with a dog, life without one is empty. #Alwaysfordogs!!” – Monty Is Fieness

25. This one will surely make you smile!

26. There was a time when this dad didn’t want a dog and now, they’re watching movies together.


27. No one can run away from the love of a Labrador!


They even share a bed now! How cute!!

28. Dogs are messy, but they are the best friends one could ever have!

Just casually hanging out with his best friend.

29. When he says he doesn’t like dogs and later you see them spending quality time together.


30. Time to heal each other.

He needed the dog as much the dog needed him.

31. Ella “Doesn’t Count As A Dog”

How can someone not love this adorable little baby Ella?

32.  Dad sometimes pretends to be a dog.


“Getting down on his level ” – Marlene

33. The best companions.

34. What a beautiful moment.

35. Don’t move or you’ll wake the dog.


Haha sure dad, I know you don’t like this dog.

36. “I Don’t Need A Dog!”

But now you can’t spend a minute without this dog.

37. The Dalmatian has found the most comfiest position.

38.  Just making the dog sleep.


Come here you little angel! Let me love you!

39. Well, they both look very tired.

Nap time together!

40.  These dogs make him so happy!

“He looks very happy in the company of these little cutie” – Haleema

41. Well, I don’t think anyone can resist that adorable little pup!


42.  “I Don’t Want A Big Dog!” “That Dog Is Not Coming In The House!” “That Dog Better Not Get In Our Bed!”

43. Too late mate! The dog is already in your heart.

“Tiny!” – The Laugh Fan

44. Presenting you the most delightful selfie ever!


“Of course he does! That’s always the case! Fur babies get all the love and that’s a-okay with me! ^_^” – Pi…

45. Hugs like these are what everyone wants in their life!

46. The dogs really love him! Their expressions says it all!

47. When you eventually make way into each other’s heart.


48. Aww! Look at that small pupper.

49. The dad who can’t remember what life was like before he met his soulmate.

50. He’s clearly lying when he says he is not a dog person.

“Beautiful Bond..”- Monty Is Fiennes

These images are so beautiful, they can change your mood from 0 to 100 real quick. Right? So cute and lovable. Maybe you can show these to your parents and they will get you a dog! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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