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19 Dogs Whose Visit To Groomer Turned Them Into Totally Different Pets

A lot of humans invest a lot of their time on how they want their hair styled. They like keeping themselves groomed and hair is an essential part of grooming. Just like humans, dogs also require grooming and physical care. Having a dog does not only entail feeding and sheltering them, but also keeping them groomed. Regular visits to the dog groomer are essential. It would be fair to say that a professional groomer not only makes our dogs look neat and more disciplined but also adds a little humour. Most often, dogs look completely different after their visit to the groomer. The groomer transforms dogs into completely different dogs and it is hard to digest that it is the same dog. Some dogs get such a drastic change in their look that even the pet owners start doubting if it’s their own dog.


Those shocking reactions are one of the major reasons why transformation pictures are so entertaining and fun to see. It is so fun to see the huge change that comes after a dog is groomed. Scroll below to check some shocking transformation pictures!

1. It looks like a completely different breed!

Via © terrybroadway / reddit

“Our 9-year-old Goldendoodle freaked our other dog out after coming home from the groomer until he smelled her and was like, ’Oooh it’s just you!’”

The breeds that look most different after grooming are the furry ones! Their whole outlook and personality change.

2. Yorkie cannot tell if he likes his new hair or now!

Via © Lorwo / reddit

Wow, Yorkie’s hair was all over the place in the first picture. He looks so well-kept in the second picture. I cannot get one of the little ponies this little fellow has in the first picture. I call it the epitome of cuteness!

3. Tongue out!

Via © SpiritWolf0914 / reddit

“Snoopy, the newest love of my life”

The groomer really thought that he will give this little goofy fellow and round face. Either way, his tongue shows that this puppy looks happy in every look.

4. I can finally see clearly!

Via © Pacman327 / reddit

“Took doggo to the groomer. Got a different doggo back.”

Wow, who knew the dog would have this face under all that hair. Well, at least his sight is not hindered by all that hair now.

5. Are you sure the groomer didn’t switch dogs?

Via © Tracey Hinshelwood / Facebook

Girl, are you sure you picked the right dog from the groomer’s?

6. Model behavior!

Via © Karla Isanette Centeno / Facebook

I don’t know about you guys, but I clearly see the model in this boy! He looks like a complete fashionista. That hair got brushed real nice.

7. I am a new person!

Via © Gwen Diaz-Harlan / Facebook

Do you know how we humans say that we become a new person after our haircut? I think that applies to this dog as well. He clearly is a new improved version of himself. It kind of looks like the first picture is from his high school days and the second one is from when he is 40 years old and in a stable job.

8. New hair, old me!

Via © Celicia Kirsch / reddit

Some people remain the same even after changing their whole outlook, and this guy is one of them!

9. Groomer got rid of my curls!

Via Instagram

It looks like there was never curly hair on his body! Groomer really decided to brush this puppy’s hair till they stretch into a thin line.

10. I look a little shiny!

Via Instagram

The first picture looks like from his past when he was a rockstar, and the second picture looks like he morphed into this new, elegant dog. I cannot tell which one looks better. I guess it is safe to say each look has its own charm!

11. Groomer gave me a little bow for being a good girl!

Via Instagram

“We found adorable Coco under a whole lot of hair! She really needed her essential grooming.”

We agree, Coco really did need some grooming to turn her into this beautiful elegant baby! Her fur looks like it is glistening.

12. Trimmed like a tree!

Via Instagram

The second picture shows the dog realizing what his human looks like because there is no what he could see in his old look. I am slightly questioning at this point why pet owners do not get their dogs groomed regularly.

13. Am I even the same person?

Via Instagram

I am really curious at this point about how the groomers make the curls go away?

14. I am a few inches shorter now!

Via Instagram

Does anyone else also think this dog got a little shorter? I guess all that messy hair really does make you look tall.

15. Groomer aimed to make the dog look funny

Via Instagram

Why does the dog look animated in the second picture?

16. Pretty little girl!

Via Instagram

“Sadie definitely looks younger now.”

She definitely does! I love it when groomers add a little touch to the puppies after their haircut. Sadie looks like she came out of the wild in the first picture and has not showered in ages. In the second picture, however, it looks like has a personal stylist to groom her every morning.

17. Necessary grooming before the Job interview!

Via © Leafyseadragon123 / reddit

This big guy looks like he spent a good amount of time afte a big nap to shower and dress up nice! Either he is going on a date or for an important job interview. Whatever it is, we are sure he will nail it!

18. I got rid of the ruffle!

Via © marynoella / reddit

We have a brand new dog in sight!

19. Home vs at a wedding

Via © Lorwo / reddit

This is the story of all of! The first picture shows how we look waking up from a nap, and the other picture shows how we look at a wedding!

Wow, these transformation pictures were the cutest. All of these babies have become new versions of themselves after their much-needed haircuts. Seeing pictures like these make me want to give my cat and dog a cool haircut and transform their whole look! They must get bored of their regular look as well. Everyone needs a change in their lives.

Do you have any cool transformation pictures of your dog? Comment below!


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