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Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs Who Used Their Destructive Power

Dogs are adorable and cute but have you ever witnessed the wrath of their destructiveness?

Although if you own a dog, we are pretty sure that you have been through that experience but in case if you haven’t, you are in for some fun. Dogs are one of the most loving creatures on earth. They are always willing to go an extra mile for you even if you don’t. They would shower you with countless love unconditionally while expecting nothing back from you. It’s always nice to be greeted by your cute little pupper when you are back from your work or uni. The moment you would step into your house, your pupper would come running towards you and would start jumping all over you and by his excitement, you will be able to tell how much love he has for you.

But dogs can be destructive as well. Of course, they won’t show their destructive side while you are around but once you are gone and they are all by themselves, you should prepare yourself for a big surprise when you get home. So, if you don’t have a dog already and you are planning to get one, you must make sure to not leave the dog by themselves entirely into the house because you don’t even have the slightest of an idea what you will have to witness and bear when you come back. When you catch your doggo being all destructive, you will be stuck in a very hilarious situation as the facial expressions they would pass are going to want to make you burst out in laughter, while at the same time, you’d be furious about the valuable things that you have lost.

We have managed to get our hands on some of the most hilarious pictures of these cute doggos showing their destructive side and it is surely going to make you laugh hysterically.

1. When you’re home early and…

via @barkchelor.obie

“This isn’t fair hooman…why are you home early?”

2. Wow, would you look at that wall!

via @devinek9s

“Hey, I’m glad you are back hooman. Someone tried to break in through the wall, I swear!”

3. What’s up with all the mess?

via ruserious65433

“Well, I just thought to give a new decor to our drawing room…”

4. Look at this one, acting all calm.

via everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

“Where am I? What is this place? Am I sleepwalking again?”

5. Oh…that’s totally…okay…

via @buttonsandpebbles

“We were just playing and we don’t know who did this”

6. Someone decided to ruin the kitchen today.

via gizzoojr

“Hey hooman, I was just trying to look for my food. You should not keep it in the places where it’s hard for me to find. So, don’t look at me that way.”

7. I bet he just jumped on that sofa a minutes before the owner entered.

via @barneythegolden_au

“Oh, hey you’re back. Sorry, I have been sleeping ever since you left, hooman. What’s up? All good?”

8. Not even a single regret on their faces.

via @yayathecorgi

“Don’t even try to blame this on us. We clearly heard you saying that you love this stupid corgi stuffed toy more than us. So, he had to die.”

9. That look on his face though!

via @winston.dalmatian

And that’s when he knew he fu*ked up…

10. This one’s going to be interesting.

via @jack_cool_ny

“Hello, Mr Williams. Me? Of course not. The cat did it. I caught him redhanded”

And that was the last of them. We are sure that you enjoyed every bit of it but at the same time, you kept on thinking, “Damn, what would I do in this situation?” but as painful as these situations appear to be, they are equally hilarious and funny too! Have you ever witnessed the wrath of your dog’s destructive behaviour? If you have, we would love to hear about it from you. Let us know about it into the comments section below!


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