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10+ Dogs Whose Reactions Are So Real That You Can Almost Feel Them Through Your Screen

There’s nothing quite like a pet’s genuine reaction.

Animals are pure-hearted. They don’t know when and when not to show their emotions. They express themselves exactly the way they feel. So, when they smile with happiness or shed tears, we just know that this is the closest to what pure emotions look like.


Take the man’s best friend for instance. They have such a pure heart that half the time they don’t even know why they’re excited. They just follow us in everything we do. The best part is, whatever emotion they show whether it’s happiness, annoyance, surprise or even anger, it is ALWAYS worth watching. They project these emotions in such a cute and often hilarious manner that it’s always entertaining.

To show you what we mean, we have compiled some of the coolest dog reactions below. Scroll on below and enjoy!

“My dog’s first reaction to the carpeted rooms in our brand new house. I think she’s excited…”

“I finally caved and got her one of those weird stale cookies from the pet store.”


“My mom hasn’t been home for 9 weeks due to an accident. Our dog was so happy to see her.”


“My dog was very proud of herself for graduating level 1 obedience classes!”


“I tried to take a 5-month-old picture of my daughter and the dog jumped in…”


“My dog got stuck under the couch, he was really happy to see me!”


Dogs have such positive energy that they spread it everywhere they go. It’s like they enter our gray world and instantly fill it with colors. That’s the same reason why people have dogs on kids’ birthday parties and the same reason why we have service and therapy dogs. They sure know how to cheer people up!

“My aunt’s dog loves giving hugs, and this is always the face he makes.”


“I was brushing my dog and this was the face she gave me…”


“Every time my dog gets excited, she closes her eyes and smiles.”


“We’re gonna pawty at the beach!”


“Wife sent this after picking up our dog from surgery today. Says he’s ’still under the influence’.”

Hugs always make them happy.

Can I iz get some belly rubs?

When you look at your hooman up close and can’t help but smile.

Bath time equals fun time!

When your wake up your dog just to tell him how much you love him.

The dog as soon as you tell him you’re going for a walk.

What do you mean you’re getting a cat?

When your dog farts and waits for you to notice.

Your dog when he realises he’s the good boy.

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