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18 Dogs With Strange Habits That Are Hilariously Adorable

Name anything cuter than dogs. I bet you can not.

It is a commonly known fact that dogs are great life companions, best buddies you could ever ask for. They perfectly define the words friendship and loyalty. There is no other animal better at these kinds of commitments to its owners compared to dogs. The dogs will literally do anything for their owner whenever the need arises without even thinking twice. And I think it is absolutely beautiful. Their overprotectiveness, obedience, and loyalty are more than enough for their owners to fall in love with such cute creatures.


But that is not all a dog is good at or known for. They are also incredibly sweet and funny. Their weird habits might be strange but they are definitely cute. We can not help but be in awe of their innocence and cuteness. If you are a dog owner then you know exactly what I am talking about and I know you guys love your dog’s strangeness just as much as I love mine’s.

If you guys do not know exactly what kind of strange habits I am talking about then do not worry, we have got you. We have gathered some extremely adorable pictures of dogs taken by their owner when they are caught doing the strange things that are now their habits. You will definitely love their innocence. Keep scrolling to fall more in love with these beautiful creatures…

1. “Salad”

© mntldy / Reddit

2. “A coffee please”


© sara_hh009 / Reddit

3. “This was how my girlfriend’s dog popped up today when we said, ’Good morning,’ to him!”


© LesBroque / Reddit

4. “Someone looks pretty chill.”


© filochick05 / Reddit

5. “Sometimes my lip, gets stuck on my teefs. You think it looks weird, but I just can’t help it…”


© Kadinboyledir / Reddit

6. “After a day of playing in the snow”


© MangoSalsa933 / Reddit

7. “My dog grabs things around the house and brings them to me for a treat. Today, he somehow got this.”


© MKnolly / Reddit

8. “Is it enough for Tinder or do I need to show more?”


© hazelnutbanana / Reddit

9. “This is how my dog sits.”


© Trundel11 / Reddit

Can they stop with their adorableness? Seriously, my heart can not take this much cuteness on a daily. I am already so much in love with this one specific animal, I think I will explode one day with the overdose of their cuteness if they do not stop right now! These insanely cute dogs stole my heart, they are just so lovely. Actually, you know what? I am not done yet. I want to see more of these cute dogs with their strange habits. Keep scrolling if you are not done with these dog’s cuteness, we have some more pictures for you below…

10. “Ummmm… how could this possibly be comfortable??”


© Rumor_Has_It_ / Reddit

11. “She insists on breathing the air DIRECTLY from the vent when we go anywhere.”

© EllieBhanellie / Reddit

12. “Bought them a basket for their toys and she pulled them all out to sit in it.”


© Bamonk / Reddit

13. “Etta has 2 sides to her personality.”

© addytude101 / Reddit

14. “Do your dogs bite?” “No it’s worse, they judge you.”


© Molly_the_yorkie_p*o / Reddit

15. “Superdog… ACTIVATE!”

© Pepper_Thyme / Reddit

16. “This is how my family’s dog begs for a treat.”


© _guLLLLLy / Reddit

17. “NO SHAME!”

© Va**forPre**dent2020/ Imgur

18. “Keeping one of the fastest (but not smartest) dog breeds in the world out of the kitchen while cooking (with what I had on hand)”


© RookieRaceline / Reddit

Aww, this last picture is super cute. I am always amazed by dogs and the extremely, insanely adorable things they do. They are so captivating. I love dogs so much, you guys, I can not stress this enough. I hope you enjoyed reading about these dogs and their strangely cute habits as much as I did. We would love to hear your feedback, comment down below…


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