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22 Animals Who Were Too Startled To Meet Other Species And Made The Most Hilarious Faces

Is it possible that you’ve been in a scenario where you were required to greet someone properly when all you really wanted to do was scoff at them and walk away, taking all of your annoyance with you? If you answered yes, you’d probably be pleased to see how these animals have behaved to having been exposed to some unsavory company, with no regard for anyone’s sentiments or judgment on the subject. It is their facial expressions that genuinely convey the emotions that many of us wish we could be permitted to express on our own faces as well. Perhaps looking at these photographs will make you feel relieved that at least some creatures are permitted to express themselves to the fullest extent possible, or perhaps they will make you feel grateful that you have not been subjected to such displays of contempt by your fellow human beings as these photographs depict. In any case, we are confident that simply looking at these can help brighten your day and, at least, bring a smile to your face or two. Take a look at the photos below to witness some adorable interactions between animals that were snapped at just the right moment.


1. The pure chaos in this picture is unparalleled.

via © Good_Natured_Guy / reddit

2. The fish probably wanted to see the manager of the company.

via © OctopussSevenTwo / imgur

3. This cat really has a magnetic purr-sonality!

via © 211av8r / reddit

4. How can someone look this intimidating while hiding behind their guardian in fear?

via © irwinwck / reddit

5. When you accidentally become a parent to two ducks and don’t know what to do about it.

via © emmademontford / reddit

6. This dog is regretting ever leaving the house for a walk!

via © westnal / reddit

7. The cat KNOWS the rug you brought was made of real bear skin.

via © sjarfish / reddit

“My cat’s reaction to the real bear skin rug my roommate brought home:”

8. The owl’s looking at it like “are you kidding me right now mate??”

via © AtomicCypher / reddit

9. “And just WHAT do you think you’re doing here young man??”

via © b12ftw / reddit

10. The dog can smell the danger in the air.

via © XhenisHajdaras8888 / imgur

11. This sheep is able to climb walls and that does Not make the dog happy!

via © legitschooling / reddit

12. “Doggo, did you eat all those cookies?”


13. “Get me away from that puppy!” This picture is a masterpiece.

via © ArkadiusBear / reddit

14. “What in the world is this thing?!”

via © ArkadiusBear / reddit

15. This picture could not have been captured at a more perfect moment!

via © no_one_cares_for_you / reddit

16. “Dog thinks in his mind: “Don’t come near me. Do not come near me!”

via © JessicaNikitczuk / imgur

17. Okay. But who would not be scared of that expression!?

via © shinypup / reddit

18. Why are they so scared?!

via © Unknown / imgur

19. “Who are you? Where did you come from?!”

via © Redhotphoenixfire / reddit

20. The expression of panic on the face is incredible. This moment belongs in a movie!

via © Unknown / imgur

21. It looks like they are having a polite conversation!

via © tonobodysdelight / reddit

22. “Get that creature away from me”!

via © CoconutBeagle / imgur

Looking at pictures of pets being incredibly amusing is enough to make someone’s day. Do you have any pictures of your pets being absolutely scared to meet other animals? If yes, share with us!


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