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20 Doggos Forgot How To Dog And Don’t Really Care Anymore

These dogs said: YOLO!

We love the nonchalant and carefree spirits of dogs. They give you a homely feeling like no other animal. Well, is there anything to not love of a dog? They are extremely smart creatures, their intelligence is mindblowing. They are also very loving and caring. How can we forget their loyalty and protectiveness. A dog is the perfect animal, a perfect pet, and has every good quality you can think of. Raising a dog is a very big and serious responsibility but also an amazing and beautiful experience in life. Once you own a dog, there is no going back. You are officially a dog lover, they trap you in their magnetic love and you just can not ever dislike this animal. No matter what they do.


Today, we bring you pictures of the most carefree dogs with an I-do-not-care attitude. These dogs are living their best lives however they want to and we should learn from them how to lead a happy life without caring for the judgemental society. Beware though, these dogs are too cute. I bet you are not ready for this wholesome content. Keep scrolling to see the cutest dogs on the internet today…

1. “National Dog Day?! But mom says I am human!!”

© zmety / reddit

2. “My 8-month-old puppy, Matteo, really likes to lay on his back like this and then wiggle his body to try and propel himself across the tile when it stops being cold.”


© lilmidjumper / reddit

3. “I was told she played the entire 9 hours she was at daycare.”


© NoodleySchnitzel / reddit

4. I think he saw a ghost!


© fransisco_flores / reddit

5. He is the master of pigeons.


© volod80 / pikabu

6. “Our toothless rescue dog who never retracts her tongue”


© mechanigoat / reddit

7. “This is how he sits.”


© blu9bird / reddit

8. “Yes, they’re my kids. So what?”


© zedasd / reddit

9. Gamer dog.


© loracora / reddit

10. He loves coffee.


© profmcstabbins / reddit

These dogs are giving us major ‘You Only Live Once’ vibes and I am loving it! It is true though, we do only live once and we should have as much fun as we can. Scientists have said that an adult dog’s brain works like a human’s 3-year-old baby. Scientists have also proven that dogs truly and endlessly love their owners. Scientists believe that according to the results of their study, when a dog looks at its owner, it is like a baby looking at its mother. How beautiful is that? I surely agree with them because I feel the same emotions for my pet dog. Keep scrolling to see some more cute pictures…

11. “My brother’s dog does not wanna take a bath.”

© machominion / reddit

12. “Why do you sit like that?”


© Gonzo210 / reddit

13. What is he doing?

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© RagingHomo_Sapiens / reddit

14. “She stayed there for at least half an hour.”


© Ridsx / reddit

15. He sits so…humanly.

© OrangeHippo376 / reddit

16. “Please help, my dog is melting.”


© mrteapoon / reddit

17. “Came outside and saw the neighbor’s dog sitting like this.”

© DodgyHoagie / reddit

18. “My friends asked me if he was raised with cats. A lot of people didn’t know dogs could loaf.”


© Sharonxls / reddit

19. “Every time I visit my parents, I see this. I see who is really happy to see me.”

© Milusha / pikabu

20. “My favorite pic of my pug. There is no hole in the grass”


© cameramanlady / reddit

These dogs are super cute, their owners are so lucky to have them. I am always in awe of my dog and the new tricks he comes up with on his own, totally warms my heart. I am blessed to have him as my best friend. Do you love your dog as a mother or as a best friend? Let us know in the comments down below…


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